The Legacy System Encourages My Altoholism


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I present you with the Daishan Legacy.


The Legacy system is really cool. I love alts, and I very much role play my role playing games. The Legacy system feeds on both of these things.

The result is three new level one alts serving no current purpose other than to create my family line.

Personally, I think it's really, really cool.

Just thought I'd share my latest creation. haha Oh, and name my character roster.

Kendrikk (main) - Vanguard (focus on tank)
Lii-Yan (secondary, chiefly used when playing with my brother) - Guardian (focus on damage)
Kensuke (alt) - Shadow (undecided focus)
Shendrik (alt) - Commando (undecided focus)
Hinotan (GTN alt) - Smuggler (undecided advanced class, undecided focus)
Lii-Ken (alt) - Sentinel (undecided focus)
You have become wise, young padawan. You are now attuned to the Force. lol

That's the whole purpose of the Legacy system, to encourage folks to experience different classes and storylines.

You have me beat. I have five toons and will probably create a sixth just to have an Armormech, but haven't done so yet.

By the way, we have plenty of room for alts. SWTOR caps guilds at 500 each.
Finally, a game that appreciates and rewards altaholism! :)

I'm rebuilding my army of alts again.
Ha! I have 15 toons on two servers. :)

And...two legacies!
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I have something like 10 on five servers, three (servers) of which I have really played.
I have eighteen on three servers, however I only play with the seven (5 pubs, 2 imps) on Bergeren Colony. Plus, Begeren Colony has my biggest legacy level at 27.