The holidays suck


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BTW kero and all who deign to respond to this....

I speak literally. i don't hide meanings in between the lines. What i meant to say is what was said in the linked post. If i was upset about my stocking i would have said so..:)


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Well I would only presume "stress, crap, chaos" could mean many a thing, so I said stocking. And I speak sarcastically, lightens the mood. :p


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It is a stressful time. Mainly because of the media and such pushing and rushing and everyone trying to outdo themselves with gifts and such...

Sorry your not having a good holiday.


I usually take the month off from working because I find it more economically productive to exploit all the holiday and post-holiday sales and do mass quantities of sewing and food processing to restock the house for the next year. It makes things easier to handle, but I know it's not an option for everyone.


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Taking a month off is normally a good idea. :)

I get 2 weeks off most every December from work. Though I'm on call the whole time. (WOOO! 24th- 4th! )


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this has been a rather hard christmas for us too.. we miss our nice big house back home. It will also be the first waffle house christmas in a while, which means no christmas morning with kiddos.