The Grand Campaign


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this is my first attempt at writing...anything:D I am homeschooled so I don't write many papers:p I would love to here everyone's oppinion if it sucks or if it is even semi-decent so have at.

Chapter 1
“What was that?” Blurted one of the King’s royal elite. “What was what?” asked a second guard with a very confused look on his face.
“I’m not sure.” replied the first guard “I thought I saw something.”
“What did it look like?” questioned the second guard.
“I don’t know I barely caught a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of my eye.” answered the first.
“Where did you see it?” asked the second.
“Over here.” Replied the first as he began moving to his right, looking for something that looked out of place. After about five minutes of searching the second guard finally said “It was probably nothing.”
“I guess you are right.” replied the first.
With that Hoborg let out a mental sigh of relief as the two Stormwind elite walked back to their posts. Hoborg had been preparing for an infiltration of the royal court for three months and it could fall apart at any time. He had started outside the gates of Stormwind at the edge of Elwynn Forest somehow managing to sneak past countless guard posts and even the captain of the guard, and had made it all the way to the gates of the royal court. Now he had to pass nine more guard posts of the Stormwind elite. Hoborg managed to get passed the second and third guard posts without being spotted or heard, however the fourth…well it didn’t go as well as the first. Hoborg had been heard and this guard knew he heard something. “Who is there?” asked the guard loudly.
“What is it now?” asked the other guard stationed there with him.
“I heard something.” He replied.
“What is it with you?”
“What do you mean?”
“You have been really on edge lately.”
“Yeah, well ever since my house was broken into I-“
“Wait wait wait.” The guard interrupted. “Your house was broken into?”
“Were Mil and the kids home?”
“No, but the dog was. Now the kids want to know where the dog is.”
“Did it run away?”
“No, it’s dead. Aparently the thief didn’t like the barking.”
With that Hoborg continued on his way through the long and narrow hall. Now at this point you are probably wondering how he can sneak right past all these guards in a straight hall. Well if you were to ask him he would tell you that he doesn’t know how he does it, and that it is just natural to him. You see he was born with an amazing gift…he can become nearly invisible. Now like most skills it had to develop and be perfected. If Hoborg can sneak into the royal court and pickpocket the king then he will have proven to himself that he has perfected it. However if he is caught he will be publicly executed.
As Hoborg continued creeping through the hall he caught a glimpse of someone moving toward him from a connecting hall. Now Hoborg’s first instinct was to leap out and silence him once and for all, however at the moment that was out of the question, if he did that the whole place would be in an uproar. Silently he waited for them to pass. As they came closer Hoborg could hear that they weren’t wearing any armor. Suddenly they came into view and Hoborg realized why they weren’t wearing armor…the person he hears wasn’t a person at all…it was a rabbit. Hoborg let out a sigh of relief, and with that he heard a guard call out “What was that?” Hoborg’s heart skipped a beat as he realized what he had just done. “Did you hear something?” asked one of the guards.
“Yeah, let’s check it out, we have nothing better to do.”
Hoborg slowly turned to see two guards walking straight towards him, both looking at the ground. Heart racing, and with all of his muscles frozen with fear, he watched in horror as the two guards walked straight at him. Quickly regaining his control over his muscles, Hoborg slowly looked down to see if he had left any foot prints to follow when he realized what the guards were looking at. Slowly he crept away from the spot where they were looking. As he was sneaking further up the hall he could here the conversation develop “It was just a stupid rabbit!” shouted one of the guards. The remainder of the passage through all the guard posts passed without incident. When Hoborg reached the place where the king stood he could see in the shadows that there were at least ten guards in the room. Being that the king was only about 12 years old taking his wallet wasn’t very difficult, it was getting out that was hard. He passed the first seven guard posts without trouble, but the eighth guard post was alert seeming this time and one of them caught movement out of the corner of his eye. For some reason he moved into the middle of the hall, however he didn’t come after Hoborg. Hoborg turned to continue on his way through the hall when he saw two little children running straight at him. With lightning reflexes Hoborg rolled out of the way of the two children and with a silent chuckle he began to sprint down the hall. After passing the second to last guard post he could see the path out, he was home free. Unfortunately for Hoborg though he wasn’t the most coordinated of thieves, and tripped over his own feet. With a loud thump his stealth was broken and chaos ensued.
“GET HIM!” screamed one of the guards.
Hoborg jumped to his feet and began running full tilt for the exit only to find two guards cutting off his exit. Hoborg couldn’t go to the left or the right of the guards; he had already committed to the center of both by running this fast. He could make it, but both guards would have a chance to swing the huge swords that they held, and that could cause problems. Thinking quickly he whipped out his two daggers that he always carried and dove straight through the middle of them. Hoborg watched in horror as the two guards swung their massive swords in a long arch intent on cleaving him clean in half. Reflex kicked in again and he swung his daggers up and slowed the blades enough to avoid becoming half the man he was. Rolling back to his feet Hoborg took off like a shot right into the old section of town in hope of losing some of the guards. Hoborg managed to lose some of them, but he gained just as many. Dashing across the Canal Bridge and straight on into the trade district, he ran to the center of the area and almost ran into the captain of the guard, who as soon as he saw what was happening began chasing poor Hoborg. “Crap!” shouted Hoborg as he realized how many guards he was going to have to pass to get out, then he saw it, another way out. To the left of the main exit was the path to the griffon master and only one guard. Hoborg made a mad dash up the ramp grabbing the protesting guard and hurling him into the captain. He continued running until he reached the first window and threw himself off the 150 foot drop.
“HA the fool, nobody could survive that fall!” proclaimed the captain. “Well let’s post a guard at the water’s edge and collect his body when it drifts to the shore.”
“Yes sir” the guards replied and began walking off to carry out their orders. Hoborg straightened out into a perfect dive and shot down to within one foot of the lake bed then curved up and began to swim to the surface. As he reached the surface he saw that the guards had abandoned their chase, but just in case Hoborg went stealth again. As Hoborg made his way to the shore he saw two guards make their way to the shore line as if waiting for something. Silently he snuck around back of them and crept up the hill leading to the gates and to freedom.

if you liked it please tell me, I will post the secnod chapter if I get some positive feed back...I am not posting it yet because it isn't finished.:D

if you didn't like it and it seemed like it was written by a fifteen year old there is a reason for that...I am fifteen.
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I think its really good. Well written and all. The only suggestion I have, and I know it would be hard to implement it as you've only played a small fraction of WoW, is to include guildies name. People like to read up on thier own adventures. hehe.
yeah well I don't really know any of the guildies yet however I do intend to add everyone that I can think of in some way or another...also so far it was only about Hoborg in the first chapter, and in the second I intend to add another charecter of mine.;)
Chapter 2

I didn't like chapter one all that much but I think that chapter 2 is much better
have at it

After getting half way to Goldshire Hoborg gave up all attempts at staying stealthy and ran off the rest of the adrenaline rush. Under normal circumstances anyone could just walk up and see the king, but these days were anything bur normal. Whispers of the horde have stirred up things around Stormwind. Some say that the rumors are nothing more then that: rumors. However others still claim to have seen an army of tauren gathering outside Thunder Bluff. Whatever the case, Hoborg was sure of one thing: If the horde did attack he was going to need more then military might to stay alive.
Gold shire was a nice place to live, hardly ever was it attacked by any horde being that it is in the heart of alliance territory. But Hoborg didn’t know why he had chosen it as his home. He could have had fame beyond his wildest dreams in Ironforge, considering he had just proved that he is one of the greatest thieves in the world. Or he could have chosen the quiet life in Darnassus with the elves. But for no apparent reason he chose to live in Goldshire. You might guess that he was born there and wanted to stay near his parents, but you would never ask him that. He was actually born in Darnassus and you would think he would have stayed there, but he had his reasons for leaving. Both his parents died there, killed by an angry tauren.
The tauren came in through the portal in Darnassus and was immediately set upon by three sentinels, but he struck them down one by one with a massive axe. Hoborg’s parents decided to help stop the tauren, leaving Hoborg to watch from a second story window. His father, a very powerful warrior, and his mother, a well respected hunter, thought they could take the tauren together. Hoborg watched in horror as his father was stuck with the broad side of the tauren’s massive axe, and hurled into his mother, she was killed when they collided. Hoborg, enraged by the loss of his mother, went back into the house and grabbed one of the knives his father had given him, walked back to the window (never run with knives kids) and threw it at the huge tauren. The blade went straight into the tauren’s throat and severed his windpipe. Hoborg came out of the house to retrieve the blade. Everyone who saw him taking the dagger off the corpse of the massive beast thought he was stealing it. One of the sentinels came up and took the blade away from the little boy. “Don’t take things that don’t belong to you!” scorned the tall elf. But Hoborg’s father spoke up saying in a very soft voice. “That is the blade I gave him.” Everyone was shocked to hear this, but all Hoborg cared about was that his father was still alive. He ran over and hugged his father tightly and his father tried to whisper something to him but couldn’t say anything because of a rupture in his lungs, then died of internal bleeding. Hoborg, saddened by the loss of his parents, fled Darnassus, never to return.
Hoborg doesn’t like to bring up the subject ever, and ever since the incident he has always hated taurens. After fleeing Darnassus he stowed away on ships heading to Darkshore and from there to the wetlands on the eastern continent. Hoborg had seen the world but had never worked with anyone, he was a loner and he liked it that way. He had never picked a fight or gotten drunk and yet he had taken the lives of thousands. All the people in Goldshire just referred to Hoborg as “old Hob” and nobody ever asked about his past. Maybe that’s why he chose Goldshire as his home.
As Hoborg was making his way toward the inn he had made his home, he noticed something out of place. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. Then he saw it, a hand was hanging out of the entrance to the inn. Hoborg walked over to inspect the probably drunk man only to find that there was nobody connected to the arm. There was fresh blood dripping from the end of the arm indicating that this had happened recently.
Hoborg went stealth hoping to get the jump on whoever had done this. As he entered he was horrified by what he way; an eight foot tall tauren with a huge battle axe was praying upon the helpless residence of the inn. Hoborg wouldn’t just stand aside and let this happen; he went straight after the tauren who somehow saw him coming. The tauren threw his left elbow directly into Hoborg’s chest knocking him back five feet. The massive tauren turned away from his helpless victims to look at this one threat. He looked Hoborg over and roared a challenge then attempted to drove his giant axe straight through Hoborg’s head. However the tauren had misjudged Hoborg’s physical capabilities and Hoborg caught the axe in between his two small daggers. Still holding the axe in place with his daggers, Hoborg kicked the tauren in the stomach, pushed the axe away and began driving the tauren back with a series of lightning quick blows, The beast was much faster then Hoborg was expecting, blocking every blow he threw at it. Suddenly the tauren came down with his axe yet again and Hoborg caught it the same way he had before. But the tauren had learned from his mistake and spun his axe catching the daggers and hurling them twenty feet away. The beast pressed his advantage and drove his shoulder into Hoborg’s chest knocking him to the ground. The tauren raised his giant axe high above his head, preparing to split Hoborg’s head like a watermelon, when seemingly out of nowhere came a hammer as big as the tauren’s axe. The hammer smashed the tauren square in the chest, sending him flying back into the wall twenty feet away, breaking every rib in his body. The monster fell to the ground with blood oozing out of his mouth from two punctured lungs. The axe fell, lodging itself in the wood floor in between Hoborg’s feet. Hoborg looked up to see who had saved him to find a seven foot tall bald man holding the hammer.
The b ald man reached a hand out to help Hoborg up. “Do you know of a man who is called Hoborg?” he asked.
“Who is asking?”
“My name is Titus Lightbringer, I am a high ranking Paladin and a scout in Stormwind’s army, but everyone calls me Bald Head. I must speak to Hoborg.”
”I am listening.”
“You are Hoborg?”
“Well then I have a proposition for you. As I told you I was a scout in Stormwind’s army. I was sent to Thunder Bluff to investigate these rumors that were going around.”
“So what do I have to do with all this?”
“I am getting to that. I found that the rumors were true. But when I tried to tell the king that he needed to prepare for an assault on Stormwind, he refused to believe the information. Being that he is only twelve years old and very stubborn I didn’t press the matter. Instead I asked that he give me a task force to prepare in case they would attack, but he would have no such thing. I am here to gather an army of non-military fighters to take into Thunder Bluff and wipe them out.”
“I will need proof of this first, I don’t intend to just go gallivanting off with the first guy who comes to me saying that here is trouble.”
“You want proof? There is you proof!” He yelled pointing at the fallen tauren. “That was just a scout. If you want to protect Goldshire thenplease come with me and help destroy the army.”
“What’s in it for me?” asked Hoborg
“What do you think would happen if you just waited for the storm to come to you? Everyone here would die! But what would happen if you took the battle to them?”
“Well it is getting late would it be alright if I slept on it?”
“Yes, it wouldn’t make that much difference, we wouldn’t want to leave after that fight anyway.”
With that Hoborg went to bed, he was up for two hours praying about it and decided that it would be best if he went.
He awoke the next morning with a renewed spirit ready to get going, he gathered his few possessions and left the inn for the last time. Hoborg stepped outside to find Bald Head waiting for him. “So you have decided to come with me?” he asked looking at the backpack Hoborg was carrying.
“Yes, the future of Stormwind, Goldshire, and the entire alliance rests in the balance, I must go.” With that Hoborg said his goodbyes and they set off on their grand campaign to destroy the tauren army.
Chapter 3

Chapter 3
They set off heading west toward Westfall, they were going to sentinel hill to gather more recruits for their army. When they arrived it was getting dark they had hiked all day long, they paid the innkeeper and crashed for the night.
They awoke to a loud commotion outside; they rushed out to find a dead night elf surrounded by the military men posted at Sentinel hill. “What happened here?” Baldhead asked.
“This man just escaped from Moonbrook, he said that forty trolls came out of the Deadmines led by an orc and attacked him and his two companions. They sent him here to get help.”
“Have you sent anyone yet?”
“No, all our forces are at the beach. The murlocs came out and attacked just before he arrived. We sent everyone there.”
“Hoborg, you ready?”
Hoborg whipped out his knives “Always”
“Let’s go.”
With that they set off for Moonbrook, a small farmer town south west of Sentinel Hill. Now it is more of a ghost town thanks to the Defias gangs.
When they arrived they saw the chaos. Thirty trolls surrounding two night elves, between the trolls and the elves were ten troll corpses. “Let’s get to work.” whispered Hoborg as he vanished. “Right” Baldhead replied. He let out a fierce battle cry and all eyes turned to him. Fifteen of them went after him, and the other fifteen stayed with the night elves. The first to reach Baldhead probably wished he had waited as he flew back towards he comrades with his chest smashed in. The troll continued to fly past all of the others and nearly collided with the orc commander. The orc saw this coming however, and produced a small mace with which he drove the trolls head into the earth.
Hoborg backed off in order to make his way around all of the trolls when something caught his eye” one of the trolls who was heading at Baldhead had stopped running. The troll watched what had happened to the first troll to reach the big bald man, the thought “Well that approach didn’t work very well, let’s try something a little different.” From Hoborg’s point of view he just saw the troll stop and stand there for a second, and then vanish. Hoborg had never seen anyone else do that, he had traveled the world but he had never traveled with anyone, most of the time when people had ticked him off they didn’t live long enough to use any tricks on him. H had to do something. He scanned the area for a trace of the troll, and while he was looking for the one he saw three more vanish. Hoborg moved close to Baldhead’s back looking for any of the trolls, he caught one of them as he was raising his blade to stab Baldhead. Hoborg acted quickly, leaping on top of the troll and driving a blade through his head. Hoborg stood up back to back with Baldhead, the trolls had stopped attacking to evaluate their new opponent giving Hoborg a chance to warn Baldhead, “There are three more invisible trolls, don’t show them your back.”
“Got it”
The following onslaught was relentless, there were just too many. Soon enough they had to attack separated, Hoborg dove onto another invisible troll, leaving Baldhead’s back open to attack. One of the invisible trolls took that chance and slashed Baldhead’s back with a blade dripping poison. Baldhead had a quick response to the pain: anger, he turned around and smashed the trolls head in. Though in great pain Baldhead still fought hard, Hoborg was doing a little better then Baldhead; he wasn’t poisoned. Just when it looked like they weren’t going to survive the fight, two bears came running in and began slaughtering everything in their path.
All the trolls were dead, the bears were all that remained, aside from Baldhead and Hoborg that is. Hoborg stared at the bears in disbelief, why wouldn’t they attack him? Hoborg continued to stare when a wave of pain hit him. Closing his eyes he collapsed on the ground, when he looked up again the bears were gone, and in their place stood the two night elves he had seen before. “Papa you take care of bald boy over there, I will handle this guy.” Said the smaller of the two, the tall night elf walked off toward Baldhead and the other came to a stop next to Hoborg. He began casting a spell on Hoborg and when he was finished Hoborg felt as if none of his wounds ever existed. “Take it easy shorty, you suffered many wounds, you will find it takes time to get over the pain.”
“What did you just cast on me?”
“It was a healing spell, no need to worry.”
Then out of nowhere came a fireball which blasted the night elf on top of Hoborg. The night elf rolled over and began casting the spell again, providing a distraction for Hoborg to vanish. Hoborg saw what was sending the fireballs at the night elf, it was a totem. Hoborg continued looking around for the shaman who had created the totem and saw the orc that and somehow managed to avoid the night elves and humans. He had hidden himself in one of the abandoned buildings. Hoborg crept up behind the orc, who had apparently been paying too much attention to his totem to see Hoborg. He grabbed the orc and stuck a blade to his throat, he was about to cut him down when he heard his name being called. “Hoborg” Hoborg looked over to see Baldhead standing next to the night elves. “Don’t kill him; he may be of some use.” Hoborg looked at the back of the orc’s head and belted him there with the hilt of his dagger. The orc fell to the ground unconscious.
“Thank you for your aid, but why did Sentinel Hill only send two men?” asked the green giant.
“Sentinel Hill didn’t send us.” Replied Baldhead “they had sent all of their men to the beach, the murlocs attacked about the same time the trolls did.”
“Well pardon this stupid question but who are you?” asked Hoborg. “Ahh yes, my name is Anquchasis Delafaras, however I am known as Papatoad.”
“Well I guess it’s because I am seven feet tall and have green skin.”
“That would do it.”
“Yes and my friend over there…well he won’t tell us his real name. So we just call him Exasperation.”
“That’s a weird thing to call someone.”
“Yes well there is a reason we call him that. He discovered how to pop every joint in his body.”
“It can’t be that bad.” claimed Hoborg. Then he heard a very strange sound, it sounded kind of like someone cracking all their knuckles at once, but on a much larger scale. “Oh, that’s why you call him Exasperation.”
“Well my name is Baldhead, and this is Hoborg, we are on a mission. We are gathering non-military fighters to take to thunder bluff.” Baldhead began telling his tale as exasperation made his way over.
When Baldhead was finished exasperation began “So that’s why you didn’t want him dead, well you still really hit him hard. He isn’t going to be up for days.”
“Then we have plenty of time to decide on what we are going to do about interrogation. It would take all four of us to hold down an orc so we wouldn’t get much out of him that way.” Said Hoborg
“I know.” began Exasperation “Let’s take him to klang. He could hold him.”
“That could work.” Replied Papatoad
“Who is klang?” asked Hoborg
“You have never heard of Klangdon?!?” shouted Exasperation.
“Should I have?”
“Klangdon is the most powerful mage in the world, I was sure everyone had heard of Klangdon.” said Baldhead.
“Anyway, he could hold him down with an ice spell and I could drive the info out of him.” claimed Exasperation.
“Alright then, it’s decided, we will head into Elwynn forest and visit the Redeemed school house, I am pretty sure he isn’t on assignment so he should be there.” explained Papatoad.
“Let’s head out in the morning then.” suggested Baldhead.
The remainder of the evening was spent swapping stories about their various adventures.
That night it was decided, via rock-paper-scissors, that the first watch should belong to Baldhead. Two hours after everyone had gone to sleep Baldhead began getting tired, so he decided to get some food and water to keep him awake. It worked; he had to pee so bad he couldn’t fall asleep if he wanted to. Eventually it got so bad that he had to let it out and Baldhead figured that he would be gone only for a minute or two, what could go wrong.
He had sat there for hours, watching the humans and the elves eat and talk. After they had killed everyone but him and his commander, who lay not more then fifty feet away, they had made their way out of Moonbrook and made camp. Zulatak had heard their conversation, they were going to take Otasi Sorothad-Zulatak’s commander-to Klangdon, and Zulatak couldn’t let that happen. He had waited for his chance to strike, however while he was waiting he thought about how he would go about killing everyone in the camp. Everything he thought of would fail, he could kill any one of them, but after the first kill it would be three on one. Finally it came to him” kill commander Sorothad, with him dead the alliance would get no information. Soon enough he saw his chance” the bald man had eaten too much, Zulatak saw him walk away from his commander.
Slowly Zulatak crept up to Otasi, the bald man was preoccupied, and the others were asleep. This was his chance, slowly he brought his blade to commander Sorothad’s throat, just as he was about to cut him Otasi woke up! Wide eyed Otasi looked up at one of his own men about to kill him. Zulatak saw his commander’s eyes open and immediately threw a hand over his mouth. “Don’t speak.” whispered Zulatak “Follow me.” They both stood and dashed off in silence eastward in the direction of Duskwood.
oo...chapter 3. I'll have to read it when I have more time. But with just a skim, I saw some names I know and now I'm right interested.
yeah it took a good while to get it done and I did manage to get some more ploted out in my head, this is going to get good.