The Forgiven State of the Union (2010)

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The Forgiven State of the Union (2010)

It has been four years since our last state of the union, given the number of changes we have seen over the years and the upcoming expansion – Cataclysm – I felt it was time to restate the vision for The Forgiven.

Back in 2006, I offered an explanation of why we are here, which was first and foremost a fellowship of believers. This has not changed in the past four years. I am further convinced we are a support to believers, providing them with a safe haven filled with encouragement through prayer, love through fellowship, and accountability through example.

Our guild has shown the love of Christ to those on Terenas by focusing on relationships, not loot. Being authentic with others by our response to the greed and pride is our primary witness. We are sinners, saved by grace, through faith (Eph 2:8a) and we bring a light to the darkness. It is my prayer we will continue to be an example of Christ through our exchanges with each other and those outside the guild.

Cataclysm will bring a number of changes to the game, most of them long overdue. We are excited as a guild to see Blizzard emphasize the guild aspect of the game in this expansion. It is our plan to capitalize on the changes and bring in some changes which will allow the guild, as a whole, to receive the full benefit of this expansion. For our members, please check the threads in our Guild Members Only forum.

I also wanted to give thanks publicly to our officers past and present for their enduring faithfulness to the guild and for keeping me in check. To my lovely wife who took over Guild Master while I completed my MBA – you are a blessing wherever I am!

Link to our old 2006 State of the Union:

Cataclysm and the Guild …

The leadership of The Forgiven are very excited to see the changes coming with the new expansion. We have been working hard to ensure the guild is set up to maximize the benefits of Cataclysm. Please review the recent State of Union to refresh yourself with our mandate. We see Cataclysm as a means of spending more time together as a guild and reap the benefits for everyone.

We will be releasing information on changes to how we are operating the guild going forward. The first change, effective immediately, is Anita passing Guild Master back to me. This is due to a number of reasons, but for the most part I have more time to give as my MBA is entering its final stages. The other relates to time as well, I have more time to commit to the changes Cataclysm will bring and preparing our guild to receive the maximum benefit of these changes.

The following changes are coming leading up to the release of Cataclysm. Most of these changes will be in effect for December 7th

Change to authenticator use in the Guild:

It will now be mandatory to have an authenticator to withdraw anything from Tab 2 upwards. Tab 1 will remain a free for all and no authenticator will be necessary. This is due to the number of compromised accounts we have experienced over the last 10 months, averaging two a month. This is a huge amount of effort on behalf of officers to have to clean up after the fact.

We feel the authenticator is important enough to everyone in the guild that we are also making it mandatory for veteran status going forward. For those with Vet status already, it won’t affect you unless you are compromised in which case we revert to our existing policy of minor until an authenticator is proven. We realize this might put some financial burden on our members ($6.00) but looking at all sides, we believe this is the right thing to do.

Addition of two new officers:

I would like for all of us to extend our congratulations to Jason T (Clearn/Beaten) and Todd (Meshach/Shaddrach). Jason will be undertaking a communications role for us with respect to our supporting external tools such as our website ( Todd will float as needed and settle once we have a better idea of need.

They join our other list of officers:

Alan (Speculaas/Jeke)
Anita (Wend/Dranoe)
Bob (Apollux/Artaioz)
Eric (Guilo/Chimon)
Jason M (Kasiem/Dragost)
John (Shahmat/Neirai)
Mike (Berstromme/Gnimish)
Nathan (Drensharra/Laess)
Ron (Xandar/Tierc)

Guild achievement system:

The biggest change we are bringing in relates to the guild achievement system Blizzard is implementing with Cataclysm. We are beefing up our officer presence and officers will be providing support for the four main areas under the guild achievement. These changes are outlined here for reference:

Raids – Alan, Bob and Mike

One of the ways you can help the guild gain experience is by killing any dungeon or raid boss with a guild group or raid. A guild group or raid is any group or raid that has at least 4/5, 8/10, or 20/25 people from the same guild. We are planning to organize a number of 10 man guild raids spread over different days and times, in order to provide as many options for our members as possible. One of these raids will be a run focused solely on progression - the best the guild has to offer tackling the heroic raids and raid achievements!

PVP – Adam and Jason M

Rated Battlegrounds are broken down into three brackets. 10v10, 15v15 and 25v25. When players win a battle, they are rewarded conquest points, up to their weekly cap. Weekly caps are individual for each player and are based on your highest single pvp rating from the previous week (the cap resets on Tuesdays). This rating can be derived from your 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 arena, or your rated battleground rating.

Winning a rated battleground with a team composed of 80% guild members will result in the additional benefit of guild experience gain for your guild. The UI will display a guild banner near the minimap that lets you know if you are eligible for guild achievements and experience.

Guild XP – Completing quests / daily quests – Eric, Nathan and Ron

How can you help the guild through everyday playing? It is best accomplished through completing quests and dailies.

Every day guild members help the guild boost its experience through completing quests and dailies. As this is one of the easiest ways to help the guild level as a whole, we urge you to quest together when possible. This will benefit the guild and you in 2 ways:
(1) 5 people completing the same quest will yield a bigger contribution to guild experience than 1 person completing the same quest on their own; however, any contribution is better than none.
(2) You get to know your guild mates better through interaction with each other, finding common interests and hobbies outside of World of Warcraft and maybe even discovering a new interest.

Completing these quests can lead to guild achievements and in turn better Guild perks

New Member Facilitator – Anita, Eric and John

Whether you have been playing the game for years or only a few minutes, you are new to our guild. We want you to feel welcome and seamlessly find ways to interact with the guild … do you pvp, want to raid, love questing/dailies or suffer from altaholism, we want to point you in the right direction.

Are you new to level 85? Here's who to turn for to get some tips on how you can help the guild and how the guild can help you experience end game content.


Cataclysm Guide for Guilds, what we can expect to see and benefit from.

Regarding the progression runs. It was brought up that what I wrote could be interpreted as us *only* having one progression group, followed by other tiered groups. This is not what was meant. As stated in the past and continued with this SotU, the raid leaders decide what their groups will do based on the talent they gather together. If, as a guild, we can collectively support 3 progression 10 mans, there is nothing stopping the individual raids to doing so. I would clarify as well though that we, as officers, have *no* intention of telling people what run they can or can not do, this is at the discretion of each and every Raid Leader to determine for their respective groups. Thanks to our guildies for raising this question up. I appreciate the opportunity to address it specifically.
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