The Cold Twilight (A Papatoad/Redeemed adventure)


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“I know you?” the gnome squeaked. A red haired fellow with thick glasses of an engineer. “No you don’t.” the tall muscled elf replied curtly, almost rudely. The gnome’s mustache twitched like a rabbits whiskers in irritation. The red handle bars moving like they had a will of their own. He looked the elf up and down. He was sure of it. The elf was unusual to be sure. He must be near seven foot as all elves were, but his shoulders belonged on a Tauren to be sure. He was big, and green and moved like a warrior, eyes darting like a hunter, taking everything in like a mage. Like he was studying everything. Everything. The gnome was sure he knew the elf, or of him. If He just could remember where? The gnome racked his brain, scratched his head and shook it. He’d be blasted. It was almost there.

“Steve” the gnome shot. “No” the elf retorted looking at the square where a Paladin was calling off a list of Stormwind’s dead. “Barry” he tried. “No” the elf retorted. As more names we’re called the wailing and crying from mothers and wives of the dead men echoed. The list was short this time. The paladin handled the scroll back to another palidin behind him and accepted another scroll in its place. The crowd went quiet. It was an eerie silence. Then mummer’s and prayers of “God no” and “Lord, one more Day” and an occasional curse or two.

“Answer them” growled the big elf. As he breathed deeply refusing to take his eyes off the paladin. “Excuse me” the red haired gnome said. “Larry” the big elf said. The gnome looked at him, twitched his mustache and shook his head. “No.” he said just as curtly. “You’re a druid, Right?” he continued.

“Look” the big elf said. “I need to hear this.” The gnome did not seem to hear as he scratched his head thinking. The paladin in the square breathed deeply as a woman’s cry echoed across the square. The elf’s expression never changed. “By order of the King of Stormwind. The Fallen Women Knights of Realm.” The 1st name brought gasps and tears, as the list went on more followed, as criying rose and even screams. The elf stayed for all forty seven names. When the last was read and the scroll rolled up the elf breathed deeply, always toward the end he waited to hear hers. Another week and nothing. No name no news.

“Big, green, druid.” The red hair gnome started as he was still there pondering. The elf exhaled and turned to leave. “The gnome snapped his fingers. “Toad green.” He exclaimed.

“Papatoad” the high vice squeaked. The elf smiled. “Papatoad! I was told about you. You once had a near legendary reputation.” The elf turned and sank to a knee. Trying to block out the cried of those who would not see a daughter, aunt or mother come home.”Legends, friend, have a way of being no more than silly stories blown out of proportion.” The elf said to his small passerby. The red hair gnome smiled. “That is true.” His mustache twitched. But few are rewarded with this. The red hair gnome held a large gold coin in his hand. And flipped it toward the Green elf quickly.

Papa’s hand reached and caught the coin effortlessly as he saw the wicked smile and the gnome’s gloves, only now he was the radiated magic. As his hand closed on the coin he cursed himself a fool. A bloody fool at that, the wave of nausea hit him full in the lower stomach and throat as he begin to shift. Temporal displacement. He was going to vomit, only he had no body to enact such a response.

As the world shifted and he no long could see because his body disappeared. He thought. Geez, he wished he could just be a normal elf.
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A year well, lots change and the flow needed to be set, and then I had to write two other web books. Not for the faint of heart but not bad. Theres a lot to plan for a Zombie Apocalypse.

Bu that is neither here or there. I found the perfect setting and endings for each series and the new expansion. Sometimes you just have to let your heart find its way.. but on to the newest part of the story..