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Hey All,

New Amazon Affiliate Store link!
General Shopping URL
Forgive me if it is bare right now, Please purchase amazon gift cards as they do give the highest payback for us, but please continue to make requests here :)

Since Amazon closed our Affiliate store, ( , I have now opened a new one that is registered to Washington State (Not DC) where I will assume Amazon (which is located in Washington State (Not DC)) will always outpay/leverage/lobby the legislature to never pass laws similar to Missouri ( . Forgive me in slacking on this, I've been really busy as of late but I'm back!

Note on Gift cards- How it works:
How much will the Astore earn by purchasing Gift Cards?

A flat 6% referral fee rate on the value of the Gift Cards.

What about other products?

Typically 4%

If we ship more than 7+ we get 6%

Personal computers (including without limitation desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and netbooks) have advertising fees capped at $25.

If you buy a $50 Amazon gift card, we get 6% which is $3. If you buy a $40 game on amazon with that Gift card at 4%, that is $1.60. So we are able to increase our revenue by more than 50% by have you do a 2 step process :)

Also you can buy PSN, Xbox, and other gift cards with the Amazon gift cards and compound it further. Just some additional notes.
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If you are planning on making black friday purcahses and you know what store you are going to spend money at: Get Gift cards for those stores and pay everything through the CGA!

If 20 people spent an average of $300 on black friday and ran that through CGA, we would receive $360 in 1 day and would pay for most of our expenses for the year!
Ursen, Just added I apologize, life has been.... crazy as of late but I may be selling my house and buying a newer one and lowering my payments overall so I dont have to work three jobs :D


Absolutely they do, I'll try and add the new ones
No problem, Narnia set should be on list for every parent and grandparent.
I stickied this thread and unstuck the old thread.
Neglected to recall the change in stores. Went to the old thread and used its link. Urrrrgh. Taking note for future purchases.
In light of Atown being a busy man and my Amazon purchases often being things I need to order straightaway, I figured out how to build links that give the aStore credit without having the items actually added to the store. It requires a little work on my part, but it ain't so bad. I could put together a script where you paste a link in and get a link, but I have nowhere to host it. lol So, in the meantime, here's a visual guide.

Step one:

Step two:

Step three:

Bazinga. Credit for CGA on your Amazon purchases. :D
Or, should anyone prefer seeing things in code format instead of screen captures, I'll use CowRocket's selection (nice selection, by the by--please tell me what you think of those; they look sweet).

First, you need the base of the item-specific URL for the CGA Amazon Store. So copy this:

Next, you need to get the actual Amazon item code of the thing you wish to purchase. So, using CowRocket's link:

You're looking for the B0035ER6H8 part. As far as I know, it's usually a ten character code found after /product/ or /dp/.

Once you find it, add it to the the CGA URL. So, you'll create a new link that looks like this:

And that will give you a CGA Amazon Store item URL from which you can add the product to your cart, like this:

Hope these things help!
Thats fantastic, thanks dude!!!!

Just bought some things should get us $2+ It isnt much, but better than nothing :cool:
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Does CGA get money from things purchased from Amazon itself only, or do purchases from third-party sellers count, too?
Does CGA get money from things purchased from Amazon itself only, or do purchases from third-party sellers count, too?

I believe third party counts as well.

Those should be a 4% or less commission where as when they do big affiliate specials. Affiliate specials are upwards of 8%-12% commission, but those are regularly priced clothing, luggage, home, food, etc.