The best of the best! The Guardian!

Thank you! Not in an editor, but that's a great idea. Anyone have a good one to suggest? I've heard gw2buildcraft is one?
If that is the same one Stc used in the first post in this thread - yes, it is a good one.
Yeah - that is the one - the same one Stc used to post his guardian in the first post.
Ok due to an irrisistable name being available, Good Knight Johnboy, and figuring out something in achievements, I now have a Guardian. My first order of business will be to gain all weapon skills, and in the process I want to make the right trait progression for general use up to about lvl 70. What traits need to have points put in first, and how many of each would be right for general smushing. I am currently using Mace/Shield, and will progress to swords next because that is what I have, any suggestions will be appreciated.
If you haven't seen, Jon Peters has responded a couple of times on the official forums about the speed of the scepter auto-attack.

Ok Necro staff is 22% faster than this skill. I think we just missed upping this when we did our pass to up projectile velocity on skills that were absolutely too sluggish. That being said it looks like you can fire one of these orbs every .8 seconds whereas Necro staff fire rate is 1.3 seconds. Grasp does pass through targets in a line so I feel that differential is fairly warranted. I can’t promise when this is going to be fixed, but I can say I WILL fix it.

Big news for Guardians who have been complaining about it since launch.
I'm not quite sure I understand what the issue was...were people complaining the attack was too slow? I like that it homes and mostly use #2 for damage and 3 for the ranged never occurred to me something was wrong with #1.

Oh well, won't complain about a guardian buff!
Yes, too slow, and it sort of homes, but doesn't "heat-seek".

It's been a long time since I've played Guardian, but back when I did if an enemy player strafed at all it would miss unless I was really close.
Guess it's time to necro this thread once again. :D

Guardian's been my main for a while now. Been running 0/5/30/30/5 with AH and pure of voice. Greatsword for running around the world, Hammer for meleeing in Zerg, Staff for tagging in a zerg as well as movement. Scepter for the occasional need to keep distance. P/V/T armor, Zerker weapons and trinkets.

AH is great in a zerg, not so much solo. I think I've figured out I should have been switching it out for MF all this time when no one else is around. :p

I feel like this build was great for a nice safe way to get familiar with Guardian, but I'm looking around for something else at the moment. Ryan, you were mentioning speccing into Radiance last night, I think. Curious what kind of build you're running now, as well as what any other guardian players are doing.

I spend my time split between solo and group play, so I need something that can easily move between those with a few trait and gear changes, but not having to reset points. Can't use anything too heavily committed to support, nor something too heavily committed to pure damage (still need some survivability for forays into WvW).

Any suggestions?