Thanks for the welcome gifts Aleron!


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Aleron sent 3 of us new guys (well old timers returning) some welcome gifts. It really helped a ton, especially the run speed scrolls (those rock for starting off a new toon!)

I would have sent you an in-game thanks, but you cant send mail under lvl 10 ;)

ps. Are the mats for those scrolls expensive? I think I could become addicted to them.
You're very welcome.

The mats aren't too expensive. The Egrasi Paper costs around 1,500 apiece. The Diamond Ore I morph from Aether. My Cleric's Alchemy and Aethertapping is at 499. My cleric mostly does Alchemy and gathering Aether these days. The greater running scrolls sell for between 5900 and 9900 on the broker... sometimes more. I usually try to make a thousand or two of them at a time. I also try to keep a good supply of Fine Wind Serum so I can stay flying indefinitely while I gather Aether. My cook, Eliron, makes jelly to enable me to morph. I sometimes have to wander around Heiron gathering Perer to make the Perer Aether Jelly to give me 4000 DP that enables me to morph the other stuff. If I have a ton of Aether, I can also morph Perer, but it's so abundant around Heiron that I also gather it.

Greater Running Scroll Recipe:

I really wish we could have companions craft in Aion. I love that about SWTOR!
Are weapon/armorsmithing good at all?

You have to get to expert lvl (200 I think), before you can really make any money there.

I've attached my excel sheet for crafting. It's in ods format, so you will need to install (it's free) for the formula to work. Sheet 1 is potions, sheet 2 is scrolls.

In short, you put in the cost of the mats that you would buy from the broker. And then enter what the crafted items are currently selling for and it will show you how much profit per item you will make. This way you can craft and sell the items with the most return.