Thank you to my amazingly generous friends for a new computer!


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I am overjoyed to announce that, thanks to some amazingly generous friends and members of the CGA community, I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER! YAY!

Button Masher, @BananaGirl, ProtoSoul, @Spynamite, Aerithos, CiscoRamon, Captain Noodles, @GordonFreeMuttman, and TroutTracks worked together to choose and buy all the parts I'd need to build a new computer. They also collaborated with my wife, @Ember, to surprise me earlier this month with a road trip to meet ProtoSoul in person and pick up the gifts.

This computer is my first new rig in over 11 years (I built my old computer in January 2013) and it's a huge blessing.

God blessed our family with a healthy baby boy two years ago and has provided means to pay the bills and keep our two oldest children in the extracurricular activity they both enjoy, but the expenses that come with a new baby, inflation, and planned and unplanned expenses repeatedly delayed my own plans to set aside money for a new computer. This gift has been a tremendous encouragement and brought to mind Proverbs 13:12:
Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.
Thank you once again to everyone who made this possible! It's so nice to have something shiny and new after having to make do for so long. :)