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I think it's about time to say goodbye to our short-lived but fun online paranoia experience. I appreciate the participation of all who were involved, and your patience as I struggled to figure out how to run a role-playing game through Teamspeak. In the future, we may return to Paranoia again, particularly if I can find someone experienced with it who can help run it. But for now, with the summer break coming up, I think it's time to move this forum into a new role-playing game. Exactly what that game will be is something I'm thinking about and researching, and I'm certainly willing to hear any suggestions. The next game we do needs to meet the following criteria:

1 Players need to be able to play and enjoy the game without purchasing any books or materials except for a headset for teamspeak. I want the game to be accessible by any member of these forums who wants to play and who is allowed by their parents to do so.

2 The game needs to have something significant in the way of strategy, critical thinking or storycraft. Paranoia was very much on the frivolous side and I think we should now do something a bit more serious that will involve players on a deeper level of thought and interest.

3 I am not a skillful multi-tasker, so an ideal game would be one that doesn't tax my ability to simultaneously create a story, manage my NPCs, answer rules questions and manage the TS server. Or alternatively, someone else might co-run the game with me and be in charge of one or more of those responsibilities.

Again, if you are interested in participating with us over the summer I am happy to hear any thoughts or ideas you have.

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I can pull together a campaign based off the Battletech game. All you need is Megamek and I have a ton of sourcebooks.
I can pull together a campaign based off the Battletech game. All you need is Megamek and I have a ton of sourcebooks.

I want to actually run a game over the summer, and I don't think I want to run battletech. However, when Fall rolls around I am going to have my hands full with a new job. That would be an ideal time for YOU to run battletech, with me as a player rather than the GM. Are you game?

If you ever have a chance to Instant Message me or get on Teamspeak, i'd love to be able to tell you how the game works, all these various things. It'd be a storyline-based strategy game. Forces would have to be kept at an equal level in respect to armies, as well as groups. For instance say the Davion Assault Guards: The Crushers, sent out two Battlemech battalions. While the Skye Province Militia dispatched a Regimental Combat team. Whoever played as Davion would only have 'mechs, while whoever was Skye would have mechs, tanks, troops, etc. There is no theoretical game master, just the guy who decides the maps and all that stuff. Essentially I'd be a player character, but I would also dictate what the battlefield looks like, how much firepower you can have, etc.
If you ever have a chance to Instant Message me or get on Teamspeak, i'd love to be able to tell you how the game works, all these various things.

I definitely want to learn about and play your game. But I have already decided I'm going to do a traditional, D&D-style RPG (though probably not D&D) during the summer. I need the creative/writing/GM'ing outlet and I think there are a few people who would enjoy a traditional RPG experience conducted over Teamspeak. After the summer though, if there is enough interest in doing your game, I'm more than happy to let you run it as the official game for this forum.

Looking at various RPGs, a strong possibility I've been considering is the game 'Conspiracy of Shadows', which is kind of a supernatural horror setting, but with a cool dynamic that rewards characters for sacrificing their personal needs for the team. Another possibility is tri-stat cyberpunk, though I think that's harder to do if players don't own or have access to sourcebooks.

I personally would like something fantasitical sort of...I always wanted to be the lumbering guy with the huge sword that's just "hulk smash puny insect." Warhammer RPG...haha...wait..does such a thing even exist?

Anyways, drop me a message about when you'd like to be able to meet online to talk about the megamek (Battletech online basically) thing. I'd like to teach you how to play it, it's strategy once you learn the rules. Such as not overheating and blowing up that ammo you have around your engine.
Sounds great AJ. Yea a fantasy, sword-and-sorcery setting is what Mirawyn thinks I should do as well. I am going to get a poll posted shortly to get a better idea of what everyone wants to play.

I am excited about the battletech game! Yea like I need another gaming addiction right now... :eek:

You played a game of Paranoia and didn't loose a clone? There's something just wrong about that. Sorry I wasn't on the forum for that game. I haven't played that since high last century. (Come to think of it, it was last millennium).
I would be very much in favor of a Battletech based game. I LOVE that universe and already have MegaMek :)
MERPS and Warhammer Fantasy RPG

I just went to the MERPS (Middle Earth Role Playing System) website and it looks awesome. Tons of resources and modules.

Warhammer Fantasy RPG is another good one that I used to play years ago, but I don't know if the resources are still available.