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Stepping away from Lamorak-Albion for a moment, who in the chapter plays Midgard and Hibernia characters? I plan on visiting Galahad-Midgard to see if I can and Guineviere(sp?)-Midgard to visit Mythran and his Midgard character.

When I played Dark Age of Camelot during beta and six months after, I spent the majority of time in Midgard. I had a few Hibernia characters, but didn't dig the "fancy elves in tights" scene much.

Can anyone point me to areas in Midgard and Hibernia added in the Shrouded Isles (on which the 14-day trial is based)?

Also, if you play any Midgard or Hibernia characters, please list them here so I can add you to my friends list.
I've created additional characters in hopes of meeting with other guild members in Midgard and Hibernia. I also hope to experience a sample of the Coop and PVP servers before my trial ends on September 20.

  • Galahad-Midgard: Jhostef, Troll Seer
  • Percival-Albion: Iheyka , Saracen Rogue
  • Gaheris-Albion: Cineris , Inconnu Disciple
  • Mordred-Midgard: Thurgeis, Dwarf Viking
  • Merlin-Hibernia: Valescar, Sylvan Forester
  • Lancelot-Midgard: Ulfbrikt, Valkyn Viking
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Odale said:
Do you like what you see Tek?
Aye, I do. I stumbled on to the "new" housing (new to me, at least) and got lost in nostalgia trekking through Albion and Midgard.
Icthus said:
Or is it an empty waste land.......
Nope, not at all. Vasudheim was rather quiet when I visited, but the cities and towns have otherwise been active.
I've posted 23 screenshots taken during my 14-day trial in two new Dark Age of Camelot chapter galleries. Check 'em out.

My trial is over, but I had a great time exploring Albion and Midgard again. Thanks to everyone who made it an enjoyable experience!

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