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There are quite a few Real Life Items out there that are Team Fortress 2 Related. Shirts, Toys, Scarves, Games, and Figures. Post any cool ones you have or have seen here!


Collectable POP! Figures - As far as I know, there are only 3 Characters and they're all for RED Team. I got my 1st one for my Birthday last year. 2nd one for Christmas and then not too long ago I got my 3rd one. So now I have all 3! Price ranges from $7-$13 each.

Into Board Games & Tabletop? Right now Think Geek is selling a Monopoly Set that has been TF2 Themed! The previous price of $39.99 is now $29.99. The Description reads:

"King of the Hill
Since their discovery in 1895, hills have fascinated kings. What's on top of that hill? Maybe a bunch of hats. Only one way to find out! Think of Monopoly as the hill that needs climbing. It's best to get on top and stay on top, lest you be faced with going down the fabled "bankruptcy alleyway." Except, in the case of Team Fortress 2, that alleyway is riddled with sentries and a juiced up Heavy instead of houses and hotels. Luckily that part was nixed from the release version of Monopoly."


Includes TF2 themed money


1 custom board with RED barns and BLU factories


6 custom tokens (Saxxy, Sentry, Wooden cow cutout, Bomb cart, Pillar of hats, Balloonicorn)

Here's the Link to Think Geek Website where it's sold.

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Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Talking Plush
Original price $29.99 now marked down to $15.99!


Need a dispenser here? (Dimensions: 8" tall x 7" wide x 4" deep.) Choose Blue or Red color. Both Color Dispensers have a happy and a sad side and each Plush plays 4 soundfiles.
  • We need a dispenser riiiiiight here.
  • Dispenser down!
  • Eeeeerectin' a dispenser.
  • Dispenser goin' up.


Team Fortress 2 - Mercenary Weapons Stickers (just what you've always wanted!)

These Team Fortress 2 Mercenary Weapons are made of durable water-resistant photo paper, for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for electronics (phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.), water bottles, notebooks, lockers, and other flat surfaces. These stickers are 100% handmade. Cost is $2.50 for set of 3 stickers or $20.00 for a full set of all of them.


Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is a game that can be purchased through Steam! It's a Sonic Racing Game but has Team Fortress 2 Character content able to be added to the game (along with Football Manager and Total War Shogun content). You can select Heavy, Pyro, and Spy to race off against other players.

Heavy is used for Water Sections of the course
Pyro is used for Land Sections of the course
Spy is used for Air Sections of the course!

As you hit different types of the course, your character automatically changes to the proper Heavy, Pyro or Spy that is needed. Check it out!

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For all you 3D Printer Enthusiasts... I'm sure you're familiar with Thingyverse. If not, check it out! It has tons of random stuff on there to Download and Print. They also have Team Fortress 2 Stuff! This particular link is for some Christmas Ornaments that can also be used for necklaces or keychains. Out of the 8 Designs to choose from, you'll recognize one from TF2! :) Check it out and more on Thingyverse!