Team Fierce


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Mcfierce, Cakeyplease, Azami, Screwtape, Proudfoot

Lloren, Goodhope, Tomatoflames


Raiding Policy

All members on this team are expected to have an average equipped iLevel of 375 with no pieces below 353. Know the fights (it takes about 10-15 minutes to watch 3-4 boss videos), get proper gems, enchants, and reforging done ahead of time. We all expect to be on 5-10 minutes before 6ST so we can get summons out AT 6ST

If you would like a spot on the team, reply here or PM me.

If you are on this list, I'm assuming you are going to be there every scheduled raid night...there's only 2 of them. If for whatever reason you CAN'T make it, PM me or text me. My number is 209-485-1153.
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1 Main tank
1 dps
1 healer

Gosh mcfierce. I'd love to come tank for you. I watched the how to kill the bosses n have watched towellie stream the ptr. If I get sick of skyrim I might come back n take you up on this offer.