Team Brizzle's Ode to Ragnaros.


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Team Brizle's Ode to Ragnaros.

Ragnaros O' Ragnaros so powerful and great,
your might is unnerving like the sight of your gate.
Into which we plunged with no fear nor a doubt,
And arouse in victory in each every bought.

Until Ragnaros O' Ragnaros before you we stood,
until our hands clenched victory, we'd fight as hard as we could.
Battle after battle we struggled and we fought.
until, at last, it was victory or not!

There in that moment, when the Firelord did flee,
Only Team Brizle remained and that coffer you see.
Then all through the air there did raise a great shout,
Victory is ours! The Redeemed have won the bout!
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