Team Brizle

Warmaster down. I really miss Kracer. I think I have a crush on him. Its kinda weird. Did I just say that out loud?
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Brizle and Kracer are so amazing. I just wish I could be more like them!
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i actually wondered why you guys were being so nice to each other... until i read the edit lines & answered the question for myself... :p
i know. they all decided to greet me in guild chat to tell me... made me a sad ram.

i'm just glad to know that our raid group can do it! there'll be other opportunities in the future.

I know we mentioned this last raid but due to the holidays and peoples schedules we will not be raiding tonight. None of the potential 3 raid leaders for this team will be around along with a few regular raiders.
Hey guys no raids this week. Feel free to form a redeemed raid group or pug it up. We will resume normal raid schedule in January. Enjoy the holidays and enjoy your time with family and friends!
Hey guys,

School has been overwhelming and I cannot dedicate the needed time each week to raid for our two raid nights. We are currently in the process of finding someone to raid lead the Tuesday Thursday group. So just a heads up and one of the raid leaders or officers should be there to put the group together.