Taking a break from WoD


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Hello gang, I just download the game last night and logon for a few mins to get all my settings setup and keybindings set. I was reading on the forums that you run out of quest to get to level 60, I was wondering if theres a way for me to start off leveling my 55 so I can hit 60 while questing. Also I made a new toon name is Elizur and was wondering if anybody has the time to send a guild invite he's level 2 on the rep side. Thanks gang
Complete the Forged Alliance series before going to Rishi. That should get you a couple of levels. Finishing Rishi and Yavin should get you at least close to 60. You'll probably have to run a couple of the new dailies on Yavin after you finish the story missions to get to 60. That's what I've seen on 5 toons so far.
Agreed, If you already did Forged Alliances then doing just the Rishi and Yavin story line will get you to about 58. Running Forged Alliances got my Trooper to 57 before getting to Rishi. Also, if you run the Makeb or Oricon dailies you can get some levels before heading to the SoR content.