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Alrighty guys, let's kick this off by picking a SG name. We're gonna run a poll to see what people are leaning too, and no, we won't be using Redeemed again. (Sorry WoW/WAR fans.)

So far, we got "Redemption". Snazzy, no? Throw out any other ideas you have. (Unless everyone is fine with Redemption, then speak up. xD)

Also we have to pick an emblem and SG colors. Feel free to throw in your $0.02.

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I like Redemption but IDK if I get a vote :p .

Uhhhh other ideas? Salvation? Unchained? I haven't given it much thought as yet...
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How about

<Eternal Lifers>

<Eternity Now>

<Absolute Truth>


<Heroes of the Covenant>

<Let There Be Light>


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I like redemption but I'd rather see something more supernatural, or showing Gods power, that would feel more SuperHero'ish.

<The Omnipresent>
<Eternal Kingdom>
<Eternal Lifers>
<Refiner's Fire>
<Sharper Iron>

edit: I am really liking <The Omnipresent> It of course means that God is Everywhere. Something only HE can do. However as a Supergroup that also works great as we will be everywhere to protect and serve.
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Ooh, I like the sound of Eternal. There's also parables we could go off of.

The Way Agency (I read they called Christianity "the Way" when it was starting out, not sure how true that is)
Eternal Reign
Heaven's Call
Heaven's Embrace (I like the sound, and the initials
are HE :p)
Freedom Bound (Like slaves of Christ, yet free from Satan ^_^)