Summer 2015 Steam sale


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What did you buy? What are you hoping will go on sale as a daily deal? What new, cheap games did you buy on impulse and what do you think of them?

I'll start us off by posting I've only purchased Shantae: Risky's Revenge so far. As a DS Lite owner, I was disappointed when S:RR was released as DSiWare (meaning I didn't get to play it). As I've mentioned (often) before, I'm a sucker for Metroidvania games, so this was a no-brainer purchase at $3. I'm enjoying it so far, though some of the jumping sections (especially the one in Polyp Bay that I just cleared) got on my nerves. Fortunately, the warp system means never having to play that section again.

I'm hoping Rayman Origins gets featured as a daily deal as it's only 40% off right now...


Really dissapointed with the sale. Even games that are 75% off seem to be more than $10-$20 which is weird for a steam sale. I bought King Arthur's Gold for $2.49 but that's all I've spent money on so far. Of course with the steam controller and Fallout 4 purchase recently, I'm down a bit on my wallet so I'm not nearly as liberal as I've been in years past.

I still wish Steam would let us remove categories of games from view but meh.


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I haven't bought anything yet. I tend to wait until things are 75% off before I do (at which point, I acquire all the Pinball FX2 tables I lack and so on). Feel bad about not springing for the Skullgirls DLC characters when they were $0.74 a pop. Will pick up some Final Fantasy and fighting game stuff if it gets the 75% off treatment, though.

I was, however, gifted a copy of Civ V. Could not be more excited about that. :D


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Steam sales for me now mean...amazing g2a prices in 3 days! I rarely buy steam keys from steam anymore.