Stepping Down


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I have decided to step down from leadership in KOT, I have some personal issues and a very demanding life of late. I maypop in now and again to see how things are going. I may pop in WOW now and again as well, but I doubt I will be the pressence I once was.

I just want to thank everyone who was involed in keeping it running, Myth should now be your primary contact in DAOC.

Thank you all

May the Lord bless you.
MontrezAnthony said:
... but I doubt I will be the pressence I once was..

lol, Ill never forget when me and you and someone else were in DF in the cooks room fighting and pling you.. we wipe and you miraculously live... then you get ganked by some mid. i will never forget that day, great fun. I hope and pray that you get youre stuff did and that you can come back and play some. :)