State of the Guild September 2009


Guild update:

Redeemed War has had a decrease in activity in spite of the surge last month. Game patches/improvements continually flow in.

First, the patches and game happenings...
A huge end game patch came out recently making things stabile and new fortress redesigns. The action in tier 4 is constant and players are getting good at defense and siege. I claimed a keep last week in tier 4 Praag that granted 500 guild xp after Order locked down the zone! Mythic/EA has been keeping up with the server populations and merges and also granting a slew of free character transfers to populated servers. Volkmar is the new 'Dark Craag' with 24-7 medium+ populations. Also, class balancing continually takes place.

Alas, I have to regretfully report that our surge in participation for the guild all but fizzled away from August. I believe that our trial subscribers haven't decided to pay for more time. There are various reasons that this could be. Many were friends and family members that joined and left all together. I suspect that a split in family opinions about the game was enough to pull everyone in their families away from the game. My thinking is that people have left not because the game isn't fun but because it's PvP emphasis may not be for everyone.

War still needs some time to bring in content that appeals to more types of players.

ps. If you want to talk to present and past players about the game, I have put in place this thread to make it easier to contact them:
Contacting other players
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Should still be Iron Rock. That server has plenty of RVR action. ^_^

I would still be subbing Zeb if it wasn't for the spiritual content of the game. After I moved I just didn't feel right playing the game anymore. It's one of my favorite MMOs (loved the classes, RVR lakes, Engineers :p) but I personally couldn't stand all the dark lore anymore.
Sory to see you go Keero. I am not sure what content had bothered you so much as to leave but many things that could be considered dark seemed avoidable to me. I suppose that knowing that the content simply exists could make you or others uneasy.

Like movies and other stories, there will always be a struggle between good and evil. There's even a christian game out there where you can choose to be a demon who tries to overthrow God's angels. I'm guessing that the end is more of a loss than a victory though.

Take care, bud.