State of the Guild <Reborn>


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I wish I had better news to report from the leadership but this is going to be a somewhat sad post. Unless there are some committed players that want to step up to officer and leader positions, I am unsure if the chapter can keep on going.

Too many players have hit 50 only to never login again. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest one is that we are not having that much fun at 50. Personally I just don’t feel motivated to log in anymore and that is not a good place for a co-leader to be. I know that others in leadership are in the same boat.

I ask that if anyone is enjoying the game and realistically sees them staying around for a while to consider stepping up and taking a leadership position. TagTarsis (the other co-leader) and I will be available to help you get situated and pass on what responsibilities need to be taken over.

We still have nights where 10+ people will log in, but there is no direction right now for them. Those of us at 50 have been waiting for new players to reach 50 and help them get geared up. Unfortunately, too many get to the end and lose interest. This leads to an endless cycle with the current 50s sitting around in town waiting in long queues for something to happen. It is not for a lack of content, but that you need full groups and it really needs to be in-guild since the queues are so long otherwise.

Anyways, this is what it is, I have put out the call, please chime in with your support if you want to see Reborn keep going forward. Even if you do not want to hold a leadership position please post your excitement about the game so others can get a feeling for what to do.

God Bless,
I am having a blast but my main is only to 25. I am getting up there but I am not a daily player. I do notice that there are rarely guildies on. It seems like such a fun game but I don't know what it is like at the top (50) Hopefully Reborn will survive.
Hi guys. Katreena here. I fall into the same category of hitting 50 to never log again. Not that I wasn't having fun I just got real busy with summer activities. Camping and fishing mostly. I just got home from a 7 day fishing trip so kinda hard to log in and play 160 miles from shore. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be around a little bit this summer but it's not helping you now. Just thought I"d let you know what's going on with me in case you were wondering. Keep having fun guys so there's something I have to come back to. Laters.
I've had such an upheaval in my personal life recently that I'm just not playing much. I've needed to really concentrate on getting closer to the Lord and spending time with Him. I've also got drums that I'm learning, and trying to further my talent with them. I guess other things in life are higher priorities right now. Honestly, I also know that when Isengard comes out in LOTRO, and StarWars, I'll be playing those, as I have some very good long-time friends that will be in those games.
I am new and was hoping to get an invite. This is disappointing, as I have been so anxious to find a Christian guild for Rift. Now that I have, it seems to be dying. But if it is not, I would like an invite and I am very active. Maybe I can help.
I am new as well to Reborn and ToJ and am looking forward to playing with ya'll. Having played MMOs before I understand a slow season in a game. I believe we should continue playing as a group seeing as since I have come along a few more people have shown interest as well.
I've just rejoined RIFT with the specific hope of being in this guild! Although I'm a very active WoW player, I also enjoy RIFT. Would love to hook up with you guys to play, maybe RP some, etc. Hope to find you online!

I'll be a daily participant if y'all keep the guild alive.
The guild is still alive. We had 6 playing last night. The world event is up to stage 4 and coming to an end. I hope that patch 1.4 and the cross server queues will help the queue times so we don't have to wait in sanctum with nothing to do at 50.
New to 50

Well, I just made 50 not long ago myself, so I still have a lot of curiosity interest...but...long term there has to be decent PvP to hold my attention.

I had high hopes for some PvP at 50...and the idea of Port Scion is great...but there seems to be a problem with small/instanced PvP: It can be too easily dominated by small premade groups, totally destroying the competitiveness for one side (Usually the guardians...)

Anyone know a game with truly massive PvP instead of instanced?
Ideally you need to feel your small contribution matters, yet not be so small as to be so easily dominated and lose competitiveness...
I'm missing Dark Age of Camelot...

You think a group of our 50s together could provide a little more competition?
PvP / Raid Time?

Are there enough folks about with accounts to try to schedule a time to log in together to do some raids or PvP?

Is there a way to post this in game or get out a mail message to the guild in game to give it a go?

Also...I am online fairly often...does my main Constantyne have the ability to invite folks if any of the posts here want to join?
We could certainly schedule a pvp night, we do not have enough geared and active 50s to pull off the first raid (Guilded Prophecy)

There is not really a good way to advertise other then these forums and the MotD. If you want to lead a PvP night, I would be glad to change the MotD to mention your time/night/details.
I might start playing RIFT, I'm not sure. I mostly play Aion, but I want to try something new.