State of the Guild July 2009


State of the Guild Thread aka "What's up with Redeemed War"

I've decided to make a State of the Guild thread. This can be used as a quick summary for people who have played War and thinking of coming back and/or people who are simply curious to know where Redeemed War is at.

Currently, Iron Rock is actually fairly active and boasts medium and high populations almost around the clock. However, Redeemed has not seen any recent increases in guild membership. If anything good could be said, we haven't lost any members in the last month. There is only a small handful of us actively playing and could always use more company.

As you know, Warhammer Online hasn't made significant waves in the MMO community after the release of the Land of the Dead RvR-lair zone. It's not that the map is mediocre; in fact, it is full of interesting content, great loot drops, and interesting effects such as frequent NPC voice tauntings. I believe it hasn't gotten much attention because it doesn't solve some of the problems as to why people left. Most notably are the bugs and the feelings of imbalance when in PUGs or facing large zergs.

In regards to the bugs, I've heard reports of increased stability. Personally, I haven't ran into a bug for many weeks now but since fortress and city sieges aren't my thing, I'm less likely to run into them. Evidence that city sieges are working better is through the observation of many players wearing Invader gear now. My BW is wearing almost all Sentinel and seems outclassed by all the Invader gear out there.

There are still issues with getting overrun by zergs or those with better gear but these are usually par for the MMOGs. The people who have the better gear are going to have an advantage, be it WoW or DAoC or EQ2. War will always has its flaws, which I believe has mostly to do with it's extreme focus on RvR and the shortcomings that go along with an open RvR system. Think about the open fronteir in DAoC. Many a times, it was frustrating as you got group mezzed and melted down to a pile of goo en masse. However, there were those successful times where your group zerged down those hib cheaters and gleefully smooshed that insta-mezzing bard that kept getting the best of you!

If you are contemplating leaving your current MMO, then I'd suggest trying out War again, even if on a casual basis! Like I said, there's not many of us online to group up together and we could always use more company.

My feeling right now is that War is not over and done with. Mythic has had a history of releasing great expansions under the DAoC title that brought a lot of people back. Remember Shrouded Islands? That was a great expansion. Even better was Catacombs where the instance dungeons brought back players in the drones. There's enough history pertaining to Mythic to say that they will give casual players a reason to come back in their next boxed expansion. So why wait when you can be amassing your fleet of lvl 40 chars or working on getting that next mastery point when your char hits RR 60!
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