State of the Guild August 2009


Hello. We've had some great happenings in recent weeks.

Many old and new faces have come back to play:
Myrakle Mike, Unfettered Mike, Keero aka *eero, Bijou aka Zoey, Calvin, Ben, Dr Hammy, Voldecai, salty1 aka Iconium and even a cameo by the elusive Odale! Forgive me if I missed any others, I've been trying hard to keep track with mental notes!

Myrakle Mike aka Ewoksrule, has blessed the guild with shedding light to claiming guilds. I have compiled what we learned here:
How to Claim and Upgrade Keeps

Also, Keero has come back to bless the guild with his uber healing and scenario skills. Here is a thread on some WP discussion:
WP discussion

Shhhhh! Rumor has it that Odale and Icthus will return onto the War scene. Shhhhh. NO! Shhhh.

In terms of the game, recent patches have been about balance. There has been a major aoe nerf in recent patches and Archmages/Shamans have been partially revamped with a new mechanic expected to be in place soon.

Even with the new players, we seem to play at different times. Again, I encourage current players to leave their contact information on the following linked thread and use live messengers as a means of connecting up quickly.
Redeemed Warhammer Player Contact List

My Wife and I should be able to play in a few weeks. We just moved into a new home, and with unpacking/setting up/repair work, we really have no free time. The previous owners took the Fridge, Stove, Microwave/Hood, every light bulb and the towel racks. The house has been empty for over a year, so the back yard is more like a dry jungle. Hope to see you all soon.

Mike, Dede, Alec and Rachel


I thought I had more time!!!... Ugh. I miss you all already!

The time I spent with yall in T1 was a blast! :)