Starr is Back


Well, my first guild was Tribe of Judah with Guild Wars I and little did I know how much it would bless me over a decade later. God used the connection I had to get back in April 2017 and joined FIRE, with whom I’ve been with since.


Shortly after my life fell apart as I went through a divorce and my whole identity I had carefully cultivated was destroyed. From that broken place, God showed me who He was, a father of grace and mercy, not how I saw him through the broken lenses of my victimbood and fear of my violent Pharisee dad. I thought I had to earn Gods favor while thinking I was born into Gods perfection and couldn’t make sense of my failure to be good. I was a Pharisee, thinking my job was to help fix others while on the inside I was a walking dead woman in my sins.

When I joined FIRE, I was given a life line. I thank Atown for bringing me into the CGA and ToJ because, years later, it would be used by God to help save my life during the most painful storm I can remember.

I’m now in Celebrate Recovery—free of an addictive, compulsive behavior for five years, I’m an Army veteran in Maryland, and I serve as a Peer Support Group Leader volunteer in the Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you for letting me share and I look forward to getting to know you all.
Make sure you catch her stream on Twitch! She's been getting into streaming and this week supports the Wounded Warrior Project!