Spartanui and LUI ....


Just a quick note to say that while development for Spartan UI is dead and LUI seems to have taken a nap, both continue to work with patch 4.1. That being said, I considering a move to a UI which is actively being developed/updated/managed. I have considered Tuk UI If anyone has experience with this UI or another, I would love to hear from you.
Oohh me too, LUI was my fav, but support has fallen by the wayside lately. Anxious to hear what everyone is using. Looking for something awesome and EASY to setup.
I have installed it, it installs similar to how LUI does it which means simple. It is a minimalist UI which I like. It does not try to include omen, recount, blah blah. I like it. It is running on Esua and Rueage. It took a bit to familiarize myself with how to make changes but again, it is simple (once you found it).

Overall, spartan UI and LUI are no longer on my addon list. I am pleased with TukUI, partially due to its bias towards large screens though it scales down well too.
I have completely changed over on all my toons now. No errors, simple install and configuration is similar to LUI. I'm good to go.
I agree with Adam, and thank him for finding the UI. It is a fantastic and easy to use UI.