Someone make an executive decision.


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Tomorrow launches the new trial, I know at least 3 -5 of my friends are joining. We need to know what server and side tonight if possible. Also do we have any guilds leadership around for invites?
only a couple on the seil side can invite which i'm not one of then also until dredd passes leadership or petition ncsoft which i hear its something they haven't done {give leadership of legion to someone else}
also keep in mind that until someone active takes over your limited on promoting
there is no elect guild on Israphel so it can be started by whoever likes to be leader
So basically we have people playing Elyos on Siel and Asmo on Israphel? Do you think any one side is more active than the other?

Hmm I would imagine that the new and returning trial players wont be able to have any kind of leadership position. I do not know what the new trial restrictions are but it should be interesting to see how this plays out.
So basically we have people playing Elyos on Siel and Asmo on Israphel?

Most (not all), had their main as Elyos on Siel and played Asmo as a side interest. We always maintained that Elyos/Siel was our primary place, and never did anything official with Isra (as far as I am aware).

Do you think any one side is more active than the other?

I do not know how activity or interest has been over the last 4 months. But everyone that has ever been a part of the Elect, has a Elyos/Siel account. With it going F2P, there is a large chance we will see a good amount come back. Even if only as casual on the side players.
So, Elyos/Siel has the greater chance of being active for us. I know it's where I will be.

I'm considering re-subbing for 1 month to get the promo Deva set. If need be, I'm also will to take lead of the group back. At least until we can find someone more active.

I'm going to see if I can get a hold of Dredd. If at least long enough to pass leadership to someone.
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I'll try to get online tomorrow evening on Siel to do invites. Siel is where we officially have the legion. On Israphel, most of us are in a non-Christian legion, so the language can get colorful at times. I'll be honest, though, and say that I learned a lot more about the game being in that Legion than I ever did on Siel. They're a subset of a much larger legion that gets very involved with taking and defending Abyss forts. They're very organized, with the leaders monitoring two vent Channels and passing on instructions. It's been pretty amazing and a lot of fun! Of course, I haven't been active since the beginning of December, so I'm not sure if they're still that organized. The Elyos are even more organized when their #1 guy, Mortred, leads things. Since the Elyos seem to be ahead in the Abyss, he must be active.
i would say as of right now the Israphel server has a bigger player base but with the ftp things might change aslo have to look how active you will be
getting pve gear is pretty easy to obtain and the time you are most active should play a factor
me playing on west lots of cons so i say make toons on both servers and make your choice
OK sounds good. I think a West server might make more sense for me because my play times are 8pm PST to 11pm PST. I think I might sub for a month for the armor set as well. But I will start on the new lvl 40 trial for now on Siel and hope to see some of the old gang again!

oh and WOW does 3.0 look fantastic, I 'm a sucker for player housing, love that kind of stuff.
Sounds like there are more current players on the Asmo side but if this new "Rally the Troops" brings a lot back, all of them will have toons on Siel so I think it makes sense to go with that for now at least.
So do I need to find one2dredd's phone number and give him a call or something so he can pass guild leadership on to someone else? :p
I will try and be on Siel at 6pm MST (5/7/8 PST/CST/EST) to do invites for those that need them. I'll be on either Aleron (cleric) or Alcaeus (sorc).
Yes, having access to all the past members toons from launch will be so nice when f2p/3.0 goes live and many check it out again. I know some of you are liking it on the East coast server and I hope that you can still consider playing with a bunch of newbs that are joining up on Siel now.

I was stoked to see some old friends last night in game and mumble chat. I forgot how much I loved the cloak too!
so, it's decided that we will remain in Siel?
It was cool seeing a few people on last night. Eight different members were on, seven at one time. That's the most in many months. Ewoksrule, Tomfoolery_79 and Tarsis all created new toons and sounded like they were having fun tearing up Poeta. :)

Also, we were on the new Mumble server. See the main CGA General forum or my post in the Called to the Light forum.