Some Bad News....:(


Tribe of Judah Staff Manager
Due to a lack of interest\signups for the 2005 CGA Convention we may not be having it this year. This is still TBD as we are going to wait until May 15th for any last minute registrants. If we recieve enough registrations then we will continue as planned and you will be notified via the boards. If we do cancel the convention then those that have registered will recieve an email with their refund included. I do hope that we can continue on but also see the realistic reasons of why not to have it if there is not enough interest from people. Please forward any questions\cmments to me at

Thank you and God bless!
i am! just too far. TN <------- CA then CA -------> TN. Xpensive for a convention. We like taking vacations where u know what i mean. we can afford it, but it's a lil weird just goign to tennessee for a couple days and then flying bak. I'll ask my mom anyway. PRAY! :p
bummer if you rescheduled it to OREGON we will have more ppl...not just east side everybody