So John and I were thinking....


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Wouldn't it be fun to make a huge TF raid and abuse...I mean use "Have group will travel" to sack the Horde cities....
Might be tricky to pull's probably a 10 second cast and I doubt it can't be used in combat.

Would be epic if you could make it work tho.
Can't use it in combat but is easy enough to find areas with 'no aggro' in Ogrimmar, etc. I really like this idea and would try my best to make it out for this sort of event :) Honestly, in an ideal world, getting server Alliance support and invading all the Horde main cities would be epic...just saying...
Well, I just want to mention, I do not have the gumption to plan and coordinate something like this. I just think it would be cool and so I put it out there in case someone else wanted to make it happen.
We tested this functionality, and it seems to work even with those in your party who are not in your guild. Although there were two TF members in the party, so not sure if that is a pre-req or not.
I actually used this with a raid group - technically I think it is a stand alone ability where any guild member can use it however they want (except no longer when you are in an instance)
I think you'd just need to sneak into Hellscream's chamber and mass summon. Could be tricky, but I think it should be possible.
Having gotten the war bear on a couple of toons, you need a full raid to take out the city bosses and handle any locals who like to get involved. Full pvp gear with 3500 res. is not a must, but nice. Otherwise the city bosses are like other bosses - good tank, good heals, good dps and you are ready to go! The summon is real handy - have a rogue sneak in and summon...wham! Stir up a little hate & discontent! Next city!