So it don't look so lonely in here!!


Tribe of Judah Aion Chapter Leader
Where are you Killjoy? Trinity? Arks Lina? Ha you guys gotta speak up :). Love you guys!! Don't be afraid to PvP with us and stuff k?
Yea, good monks are in short supply in this game and Trinity is fantastic! And by the way Paul One (Arks Lina) after you left another Paul joined the guild, so I don't know whether to keep my "Paul Two" designation (this is why I named my ritualist 'Paulus Secundus') or accept the promotion to Paul One. :rolleyes:

haha we had no idea we had a forum space. i'll be sure to spread the word around are guild which (which is now up to 12 members!) i should def get off because i have a paper (which i haven't exactly started) due at 10 in the morning and it is now 11:45 pm. see you guys in game soon!
Yes, well, my temporary HQ is located here. So you own everything but my... ummm... however large my computer room is...
Wow C$ must be getting older :p. He is coming under the control of women :). C$ your going SOFT!
Hardly! He was looking at me as I shot him. He could have run. It took several seconds (while he was looking at me) to sight him in.
lol just watch C$ is trying to keep his manly dignity here but once a female walks by he will change his story to somthing softer. i've seen it happen.