So I just picked up a Playstation Vita...


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...and I am absolutely LOVING it!

Seriously, the device took me totally by surprise! I only picked it up because a friend offered it to me for an excellent price and I already have about 15 games for it via Playstation Plus and the PS3/Vita cross-buy system.

Right now I am playing through Gravity Rush, a surprisingly great game buy the way (honestly I had very low expectations for it but it's turning out to be remarkably wonderful). After that I plan to play through Persona 3 (PSP), Persona 4: Golden, Muramasa: Rebirth, Disgaea 3, and likely a number of other games (that list was in random order by the way).

Does anyone else happen to have a Vita? Now that I've had mine for a little while, I wholeheartedly recommend it!
I might pick one up eventually, especially since I really like how much <3 Sony is showing indie developers but I don't see myself dropping $400 on a PS4 when I spent $800 on computer upgrades in the last year (and most next-gen console games will likely see PC ports because both the PS4 and Xbone use x64 architecture processors).

I also have about 7 PSP games saved to my PS3 thanks to my wife and I both having PSN accounts from before The Breach(TM).

I've seen a Vita in person (they do exist! har har) and I really liked what I saw of the hardware. I just can't justify dropping $250 on a new gaming handheld AND whatever ridiculous price Sony charges for their proprietary memory (which, by the way, is what killed my plans of owning a Vita any time soon; before they announced their memory cards and prices, I was hyped about getting on at some point) when I don't have as much time for handheld games as I did a few years ago AND still have a backlog on my DS Lite and GBA SP.

But if no one ever comes up with a Vita memory card adapter (Vita memory card -> microSD, for example), then I probably won't ever buy one unless I can find a deal for a Vita WITH a memory card super cheap. For all the <3 that Sony has shown indie developers and gamers, I haven't forgotten their amazingly daft decision to use a proprietary memory card in the Vita (regardless of the marketing smokescreen about "anti-piracy measures").

TL;DR: The Vita looks nice but price is too high. <3 for indie developers: Good. Proprietary memory cards: Bad.
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Now that Vita has PSone support (wait... it does have it now, right?), I want one. I have a bunch of PSone games to be played, and a bunch of Vita/Vita-compatible PSP games to be played thanks to Plus (and previous purchases from previous PSPs). There's also Persona 4. :D Even though the prices on used models can be pretty reasonable (or, more accurately, in a price range I would be willing to buy at), I just don't have the funds to buy one anytime soon. Definitely on my future purchases list. Honestly, I think it's higher on my list than the PS4 (more because I want the Vita than because I don't want the PS4).

That was an exceedingly messy paragraph. haha

Anyway! I'm glad you're enjoying yours so much!
Tek: The memory cards are expensive because they are trying to make money back on the hardware. The Vita and 3DS are much more similar in price than they are in manufacturing cost, so, as annoying as it is, they have to make money somewhere. Mine came with an 8gb, which isn't that much, but since you can back games up to a computer with the official Content Manager Assistant from Sony, I just backed up all 15 or so games to a hard drive so I can move them back whenever I want to play.

Kendrik: The PSOne support seems limited. I haven't looked into it since I only have a couple PSOne games, but, while I was able to download and install FFVII, the three Syphon Filter games, and I think maybe FF:Tactics, I was not able to download FFV or the Spyro games. I also totally agree with the pricing. I picked mine up like new (used about 10 hours over the course of a year) with a 40 dollar case, an 8gb memory card, and two physical games (in addition to all of my digital titles) for 200 bucks.