Skyrim: Journal - Rimion

I have been reading these (although I got distracted.) They are a bit long, especially Long dead warriors...
I'm not sure I understand you comment. Are you saying they are too long, or are you making some kind of joke that flew right over my head?

I plan to pick Rimion back up shortly. Stard is busy running through the Dawnguard content and has broken the rules several times (selling magical items, fast travel), so I think he may be done journaling. The problem with the Dawngard missions is that they appear to be set to cause the most draw on time through travel. Everything seems to be on the opposite side of the map (regardless of where I am). I got rather frustrated with it after the second or third mission sending me to the opposite corner yet again as traveling that far on foot takes forever. And since I don't want to spend all evening (real time) wandering from one end of the land to the other just to discover the new content I've decided Stard is more of a fun play character to fiddle around with.
I've been side-tracked. No matter. Since it appears that most important people in this world think that some threat is about to end it. . .and I am their only hope, I've decided that this is how the influential get pawns to do their bidding. The politics of fear. You keep the masses in line by presenting some threat to their livelihood, forcing them to continue to trust in your protection. Well, their all-so-important quests can wait for a bit. I have a quest of my own.

I had found an amulet on the large Draugr in the room with the orb which my instructor didn't seem interested in. I could feel a well of power flowing from it when I put it on. Apparently, it has its own store of magicka which I can draw upon in addition to my own power. The store is self-restoring (though I know not how) and appears to recharge about the same rate as my own ability. Naturally this power interested me some so I performed a bit of research prior to leaving Winterhold. I discovered a suggested location outside of a small town in the swamp called Morthal. When I awoke this morning that was where I decided to go. I will recover this staff for the college but I intend to run my own quest first.

Qa'Dojo and I took a cart to Morthal, arriving late evening. We rented a room in the local inn and dropped into bed (actually, it was my turn on the floor - Qa'dojo seemed to find that somewhat amusing). The next morning we headed out and found the location in short order. A small camp was set up outside a ruin but no one was around. I found some research notes confirming what I suspected. The amulet was a piece of a powerful artifact. The artifact was broken into three pieces carried by three brothers. Indications pointed to the second being inside the ruin.

We headed inside and immediately came upon bodies. Poor saps didn't even make it 5 feet into the ruin. Draugr assaulted us as we headed deeper in the ruin but we were able to easily put them down. Some distance in we found the fellow who wrote the notes in the camp. Looked like he put up quite a fight from the draugr lying around him. Shame, I would have liked to consult with him about the artifact.

Onward we went, encountering only draugr until at last we reached a large burial chamber. Qa'Dojo and I knew we had reached the place where the amulet would be if it was here at all. We prepped for the battle we knew was coming. I was out of magicka potions, but we would make do. I ran forward toward the sarcophagus in the middle of the room. Before I had reached it the heavy stone lid burst upward and out climbed another large draugr. Around us lesser draugr flooded from the walls. I poured out flames while Qa'Dojo charged fearlessly in with his dagger. The lesser draugr fell easily but the large one proved to be a challenge. I cast flames on him when Qa'dojo moved to one side. Qa'Dojo was swinging wildly with his blade making it difficult for me to get a clean shot. More than once he cautioned me to watch my aim. Then it was over, the large draugr fell to the ground.

My suspicions were confirmed when I found a similar amulet around his neck. I removed it and smiled over at Qa'Dojo in triumph. That was when I noticed that the left side of his snout was singed. He was missing all of the whiskers on that side. He had the most furious expression on his face. I think the relief of surviving the battle coupled with his ridiculous look and angry expression were what contributed to my incessant giggling. I couldn't stop laughing at him. We both knew who was the only one casting flames in the battle. . .

I’ll admit that Qa'Dojo's expertise with restoration magic far exceeds that of my own. Before I knew it, my beard was 4 times as long on my right side and he was laughing at my ridiculous look. We must had been there for 30 minutes, in the midst of decaying draugr, laughing like maniacs until tears were streaming down our faces. It was then that I realized not only was Qa'Dojo my closest friend, he was my only friend. Odd, being a friend to a Khajiit. Yet he cuts across the grain of the stereotypes. I would easily entrust my life to him over any of the Jarls in this land.

The notes we had found at the ruin had given me a good indication of where to search for the final piece of the amulet. We planned to head there next, but seeing the majestic city of Solitude sitting upon the archway of stone from the ruin led us to head there before we run off to find the last piece. A large city like that would have lots of people, and lots of people would mean more chance that someone would recognize me. A quick stop in Morthal to sell some items (and get my beard trimmed - there were some rather odd looks from the townfolk) and we headed up the road for Solitude.

A distance up the road, probably halfway between Morthal and Dragonbridge we encountered a dog (Meeko). The dog led us to a small shack where his owner lay dead on his bed. A note indicated the owner had suffered from Rockjoint and had perished from the disease. So now I am the proud owner of Meeko.

The rest of the trip to Solitude was relatively unexciting. We did encounter some Thalmor and they were just as rude as ever. I was sorely tempted to start something but I held my anger in check. Good thing I did since they put down a troll not a minute later. Qa'Dojo and I probably could have handled the troll, but if we were being pursued by the Thalmor or recovering from an attack it could have been deadly.

We arrived in Solitude in time to witness a beheading. Guess the guy was a traitor, although he didn't seem to think so. I was not privy to any additional information so I don’t feel I could judge either way (history generally plays a better judge). I did feel for the man, having had my own head on the chopping block not that long ago. Remembering that incident I fearfully scanned the skies but there was no dragon to intervene this time.

We encountered a strange fellow in the middle of town who claimed his master was missing in some wing of the palace. I’m not sure why, but I offered to help. I spoke briefly with the court mage and purchased several spells though nothing of any real significance. Then we found a maid who loaned me the key to the wing of the palace. We are sitting in the cluttered room now. Looks like nothing has been touched in years. I can’t imagine anyone being in here, the dust is undisturbed. But we’ll run through the place to at least tell the fellow that his master was nowhere to be found.
Felt good to pick up Rimion again. I'm not much on the mage playstyle (too much interupted action when switching spells) but he does interest me. Took a screenshot last night before adventuring out. This is Rimion (Left) and Qa'Dojo (Right) in Candlehearth Hall.

Madness. Sheer and utter madness. It is so hard to describe, much like a dream. Perhaps I lost my mind, but then there is the Wabbajack as proof that it actually happened. I don’t know, it was all so confusing. I guess I was inside of the mind of the long dead Emperor Pelagius III, or so I was told. I performed 3 tasks and then was allowed to leave bearing the unique staff. Experimentation has proven little. The effect it causes appears to be totally random.

We took the cart back to Whiterun after reestablishing my sanity. After spending the night, we made our way around the mountain heading for Ivarstead. The third amulet should be in a ruin near the small village.

As we neared Ivarstead we came upon a man (I use the term loosely) who appeared to have been beset by bandits. We agreed to see him to his camp nearby. As we arrived the lying skeever turned on us and we had him and his 4 friends to deal with. Meeko bore the brunt of the attack while Qa'Dojo engaged one of them and I provided ranged support. Meeko fell under the combined force of 3 bandits. I can’t say I was overly broken up about his loss (the lousy beast had a habit of barking incessantly) but I wasn't particularly happy about the underhanded way we had been tricked leading to his demise. I took out my frustration on the remaining bandits and they dropped quickly.

Now we stand outside the ruin, preparing to delve into its depths. I expect we should have the final piece of the amulet by tonight.
What a whirlwind! We haven't had time to sit down and rest, much less write journal entries.

We found the final piece of the amulet. Then we went to another ruin and had all three re-forged into the original amulet. Of course, this was not without some trouble. We ended up fighting the spirits or ghosts of the 3 large draugr which we took the amulets from. After a long and nearly fatal battle we were rewarded by seeing the amulet reforged. The power contained within it is astounding and I would be loath to part with it. Qa'Dojo seemed a bit jealous that I claimed it for myself but didn't say much.

After we finished that we headed for the ruins we had been pointed to regarding the Staff of Magnus. We pushed through the Dwemer ruins, fighting both machine and Falmer. In its depths we found a surviving Synod researcher who was able to point us to Labrynthian as the resting place of the Staff. We headed back to the College where Arcano, the Thalmor ambassador to the college, had locked himself in with the Eye. In the ensuing minutes the Archmage was killed and another instructor was injured. We rushed out to the city of Winterhold and stopped magical anomalies from destroying it. It fell on Qa'Dojo and myself to head to Labrynthian to recover the staff. This time there was going to be no more personal side-quests - time was of the essence.

Racing over there we pushed through three different sections including Shalidor's maze itself. Odd ghosts of the past appeared in the area where we found the Staff. Turns out that the Archmage had a bit of concealed and rather juicy history. I guess he and a group of students had delved into the ruin before he was Archmage. And it appears that he enthralled a couple of them to hold a dragon priest trapped in the ruin. They have all been released from this plane now and we have the staff. We are now sitting in the back of a cart on our way back to Winterhold from Whiterun. With any luck, the staff will enable up to break Ancano's hold on the Eye.
Ran into a skeever just outside of Winterhold. Something strange about that one. It paused before it attacked almost as if it recognized me. It still came at me, but there was something about those eyes that didn't seem right. For some reason, I faltered as it came close and Qa'Dojo swiftly stepped between us - ending it's life with a quick stroke. The whole episode just struck me as odd, and almost regrettable. Why?
Just when you think the College couldn’t surprise you any more it throws another Dwemer cog in the works. They just made me their Arch-mage. Yeah, me. The guy who can’t remember anything past a couple months ago (was it even that long?). Who is running this home for the insane? Oh yeah, that would now be me. . .

The Staff of Magnus shut down Ancano. He barely even put up a fight. The Psijics then showed up (of course, after the battle) and essentially stole the Eye - claiming that we were not ready for it. Glad to see I did all the heavy lifting for them. But before they left they exercised some authority that no one knew they had and named me the leader of this quack institution. Essentially proclaiming me the ultimate sap.

I can feel the resentment of the college staff. They refuse to sell me the higher level spell books. They refuse to “sell” spell books to the arch-mage? Seriously, I own this institution. They should be giving me the books. They claim I need to prove my abilities before they will sell me the books. Um, yeah. How about the whole - “let me save your pitiful college while you sit on your hands doing nothing”? Did that show them nothing? I have half a mind to drop this wretched college into the sea. I wonder if they will sell me a book that will tell me how to do that?

Well, unlike the former illustrious leader, with his sordid past and reluctance to ever set foot outside these walls, I intend to travel. I have several things that need looking into, and my status as Arch-Mage might make them easier. First and foremost, I need to look into this issue with the Dragonstone. After seeing a second dragon in Labrynthian (albeit a skeletal yet very mobile one) it seems only prudent that I revisit that issue. Second, I’ve not written about it but I have encountered several vampire attacks in well-defended cities. This seems a bit bold for these creatures so, as the only representative of the college willing to step outside these walls, I intend to meet with the leader of the Dawnguard faction that is forming south of Riften.

And lastly, I need to determine what has happened to my memory. I need to discover who I am (or was). I still feel the Thalmor are involved somehow, but I don’t know how or who to confront.
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The barrow where the Dragonstone was located turned out to be less of a challenge than I expected. Several bandits near the entrance posed little trouble. A number of Draugr sought to stop Qa’Dojo and myself but they proved completely ineffective against us. Even the large one guarding the stone itself went down in two hits.

On the way back from the barrow we ran into a group of Thalmor escorting a prisoner. Curiosity overcame my reluctance to engage them. I began questioning them about myself. They almost instantly became hostile. Qa'dojo leapt into battle dropping the first with little trouble. As I cried out to him to stop he set upon the other Thalmor. I needed him for questioning, but Qa'Dojo didn’t seem to hear me and soon the Altmer lay at his feet. There was little point in chastising him, he had been threatened as much as I had and was defending himself. Why had they reacted so violently? What are they hiding?

Things got really interesting upon returning the stone to the court mage. Word of a dragon attack had just reached the Jarl so we set out with the guards to investigate. Sure enough, the western watchtower was burning. We had only just found the last survivor when the dragon came around again. This wasn’t the same black dragon that I had seen at Helgen. This one seemed more of a grey color. I put up my wards to protect those around me, albeit somewhat meagerly. As the guards loosed volley after volley of arrows I sent bolts of energy into the beast. The dragon fell under our combined assault. This was my second dragon kill if you count the skeletal one in Labryntian. But this one was different. Upon dying I absorbed a form of power from it as it burned, leaving only the bones bleaching in the sun. I discovered shortly after that I could “shout” in the dragon tongue which released a form of power.

I wonder if I knew I could do this when I had my memory or if this is something entirely new? It feels a bit foreign to me so my best guess is that this is something new. But then, there hasn’t been many dragons roaming around prior to this, so it might be that it was part of me all along but had never been awakened. Regardless, Qa’Dojo was impressed by my sudden ability with the dragon language. He insisted that I “push” him around a bit with it. We had a good laugh as I chased him around the field practically knocking him down each time I shouted.

Back in Whiterun I was made a Thane and given a Housecarl for my protection. Heh, I think I may end up having to protect her more than she will protect me. She says her name is Lydia and didn’t seem too thrilled to be stuck with me. Regardless, she appears to be bound to me so I’ve allowed her to tag along. I gave her the Axe of Whiterun which the Jarl had given me. It will be interesting to see how well she does in battle.

The Jarl declared that a group called the Greybeards has summoned me and I am to travel to High Hrothgar. It sounds like a bit of a journey so we are sleeping in the inn at Riverwood tonight before we make our way to Ivarstead tomorrow. From there we will head up the mountain. No doubt, we will be meeting with a bunch of men who are very proud of their long, grey beards. Who else would think to name their group after facial hair?
I've disabled Frostfall for Rimion. It seems a bit absurd that the Arch-mage, who can send out great swaths of flame and light the ground on fire for a good amount of time, can succumb to freezing. My goodness, half the time I am walking about I have flames curling up from my hands. . .

Freezing water on the other hand would make sense to sap stamina and kill. But then, I have water-walking (enjoying it immensely since it wasn't in the vanilla game) and rarely swim anymore.
I'm taking a bit of a breather before entering the building before me. 7000 steps is quite the climb. One would think with my Arch-magyness I could simply teleport myself anywhere or at least levitate up the side of the mountain. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Although the previous arch-mage should have been evidence of that.

I had the opportunity, on the road, to stop near the remains of Helgen and recover an ancient dagger from a nasty Hagraven. The healer in Whiterun had requested that I recover it some time ago and have only now had the opportunity to follow through. The Hagraven and her coven posed little trouble for my companions and I. In fact, I used it as an opportunity to test out my new freeze spell. It works pretty well, although I wish they would stay frozen a bit longer. Four seconds seems so short in the heat of battle.

I also ran into a hunter claiming to have been bitten by a vampire. Which reminds me that I need to look into this Dawnguard group. I could offer little assistance to the poor fellow and sent him running for the nearest town. He pointed me to the cavern he had gotten bit in. I plan to look into this once I have finished with these bearded folk. I feel I cannot ignore these pleas for help as I have the responsibility of being arch-mage now.

The rest of the journey was relatively uneventful. A couple wolves, spider, and a troll. None posed any real threat to myself or my companions, but other, less capable, travelers may appreciate us clearing the path for them. Now to head inside and speak with the Greybeards. I can only hope they have good news to offer me about the dragons reappearing.