Sitting out Versus games for a while


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I realized tonight that Left 4 Dead 2 Versus bring out the worst in me, so I plan on sitting out Versus matches for at least a while.

I'm posting this so no one takes personal offense; I <3 the members of the L4D chapter, but the game itself (and the Source engine on which it runs) is just too frustrating for me at times. I've tried to relax and take it less seriously, but I just can't seem to do it. (I stopped playing League of Legends against other people and limited myself to bot matches primarily for the same reason.)

I apologize for my negative attitude in tonight's game and previous matches and I trust you'll still see plenty of activity on Left 4 Thursdays without me. :)

I'm still interested in co-op games and I'm even willing to put together a campaign server on my desktop like I did previously so we could run 2 co-op groups (4 players each, 8 players total).

And I still really enjoy a solid custom campaign, so be sure to send me an invite whenever you need a 4th for a custom. :)
You just don't have a Gerbil to save you that's all. I'd be all like stop nibbling on mah Tek you nasty zombie man.
More likely I'd be the one nibbling Tek XD. I can't help it I'm a spyish backstabber at heart T_T (I will so use that song if I ever make a spy Machinima).
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