Show off your UI Settings


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I thought it would be cool to see how other players have there UI setup to get a view on what I may want to change on my UI.

Here's mine. It's cluttered but I like it. I have three chat windows. One is just for Guild chat and whispers (otherwise they can get lost if mixed with general), the one on the right is for system messages. The General chat windows has an additional chat tab for Party and local chat. I'll sometimes click on that tab so I don't see the junk in general. Sometimes I have all the windows stacked on the left.

I use the skill bar on the left for toys and fun stuff. The right skill bar I use for medpacs, stims, healing & movement. I added a third row for my main skills and recently activated the sixth skill bar for heroic moment skills and extra stuff. I shrunk it down a bit and stuffed it under the Target Frame.

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