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Sorry, I made two topics in about a month already and here is the third but I am just wondering... and I'm new in my walk with God.

What does the bible say about Shameful Sins? And confessing it to other people? Basically, I have done something very shameful in the past. When I think back on it I just feel disgusted and I am not sure what I'm supposed to do.

James chapter 5 scared me because it said Confess to each other for healing. Confess to who? The person whom it occurred with? To my parents? To the church? I also read somewhere that the bible said to do some things privately...

It's basically one of those skeletons in the closet, one of the shameful things in our past and I am just afraid of others knowing about it. Do they HAVE to know about it? Do other people have to know? The bible says God places our sin far away from us and "forgets" about it so why would he have me confess it(my fear, him telling me to confess to someone) if it's no more and I don't have to worry about it?

I haven't felt guilty about it(because I know God has forgiven me) until a few days ago when someone asked me a question regarding a certain topic... it's just the thought of me having to confess it to other people that is scary. I'm don't feel guilty about the sin because I know God has forgiven me and I placed it behind me already but it's just the thought of others knowing about it that is getting me freaked out.

I got over that but then today I saw this video:

Basically a Christian music group and their song and explaining that confessing to others like James stated is good for healing and that it's not a good thing that us Christians don't feel safe enough in our Churches and communities to open up about our secrets(If I understood correctly), not expecting our church family to embrace us with open arms.

Do YOU still have that one BIG shameful sin(in your opinion since sin is sin in god's eyes) in the closet that no one else but God knows about?
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Pray for me so that I have peace and victory in this matter! I already feel comforted by the Lord after praying :)
I know exactly how you feel man. While I know God has forgiven me for what I've done, and I've put it behind me, if I tried explaining it to someone they would never understand. Since then, the terms I've concluded is that man will never understand many things, including each other, and God is the only thing we truly need.
Couple of things...

What stood out to me here first was that you stated the following:

newktguy said:
I haven't felt guilty about it(because I know God has forgiven me) until a few days ago when someone asked me a question regarding a certain topic...

When Christ frees you from condemnation, do not under any circumstances let anyone or anything bring guilt back on you for something that Jesus has forgiven you about.

People will often rehash old sins that have long been dead and buried in Christ, but thankfully Christ does indeed forgive and truly forget.

Secondly, this is what the Bible has to say regarding your quetions (based on as much detail as you have given).

Must we confess our sin to others? Yes. When possible, but not for the reason that you might think.

God is concerned about our hearts. Confession is a sign of true repentence. The Greek word for repentence (the New Testament was written in ancient Greek) actually means "a change of mind".

Someone who truly has had a change of mind about a thing will often demonstrate it by their altered actions (such as confession). Zacchaeus in Luke 19 had such a transformation as this.

Now obviously this issue is heavy on your heart, and confession to the offennded person(s) is not a bad thing, but here is the key: Pray and ask God about how to do this.

Remember that you are not going to this person alone, but Christ is going with you, and where Christ is there is also peace.

I have made several such confessions to men during my past, and I always went into it with this mindset:

They may not accept my confession, but regardless of that, I am making my Heavenly Father proud, and making a statement for Christ in my life.

This person could be really touched by your apology and it could be an opportunity for you to share Christ with them.
Also, there have been cases I have witnessed where when one person has committed an injustice of some sort against another, it has caused the offended person to hold bitterness in their heart and has given occcasion for them to sin... And that is never a good thing.

Above all, be assured of your forgiven state, even if the person to whom you are confessing does not accept you, know that ultimately you have been accepted by Jesus, and His opinion is really all that matters in the end.

So again before I write another wall of text, the Too Long; Didn't Read version is this:

Yes confess and make an apology to this person, but do so under the counsel and help of Jesus. Invite Him to the event, and it could be a great opportunity to share Christ with this person. Yet whether they accept you or not, you have fulfilled your obligation. Pray for them and know that Jesus has already forgiven you, so be at peace.
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