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again... may be i am thinking too far ahead...

at the initial release of WAR will there be multiple servers?
if so how are we going to roll on the same server?
That is a ways off, but...

Most likely, the people who get in the open-beta will contact each other and set up a server that we will be on.

That is a way I foresee it being done.
They'll announce server names/types before release, so we'll have time to decide on where we want to be.
Ewok's has written a strategy guide for choosing a playing server. And yes he is qualified since he has played way too many MMO's.

I would suggest him posting his guide and then when servers are released the BD4L can make a choice using the guide lines established by the aforementioned Ewok-server-choosing-guide and input from the masses.
Hahah I am not sure it is a full fledged guide, but I do have preferences that seem to help. I am sure more could be added to it.

All of the below have the idea in mind to avoid the kiddies and the l33t speakers, while looking for the most mature server possible:

1.) Never choose the first server on the list
2.) Never choose the last server on the list
3.) Never choose a server name that sounds real catchy or cool
4.) Consider a server name that is really hard to pronounce and spell.
5.) Consider a RolePlay server if RP is not strictly enforced.

Now this assumes a well-done and well-received game, as this will tend to put you on a lower populated server. Which is fine as you avoid queues and lag. But if the game is not a big seller, it might put you on a ghost town.
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Uh yeah... #5 is out of the question. Mythic took my non-RP names 4 or 5 times, and on the last incident, they assigned me one when we played DAoC and made it so that I could not change it anymore.

Saying Mythic does not enforce RP rules is like saying Blizzard does not ban people on a whim.


On a more seriouser note, I would like to be located on a server with plenty of action, similar to that of Stonemaul from WoW, or old Percival from DAoC.
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well i think the early servers will always be full of action
they are the first ones that get filled, unless the game is a complet bust

if you roll on some the new servers for wow you will find that people don't know what they are doing

i was once camped by 2 people and instead of waiting for me, they started to duel each other

so i just waited and killed the loser