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I am taking suggestions on where people feel we should have our republic guild. I am going to keep this open till Monday evening. If no one has any opinions I am going to try to put it on the same server as our sith guild.
I was aware of that, personally I like pvp servers but I want peoples opinion on where yuo all want it to go. Realistically it will probably end up on a pve server unless others here want it pvp since my wife like pve better. I always do what the general sais, lol.
I know of a good Christian guild, pve Republic, Knights of the Cross - that will be on Cosmic Turbine. They have a pretty big group now.

I'm thinking if you start there we could do an alliance.
At least we can have more like minded players available.

Either way, I would probably like to join you guys too, to help build up your ranks.
I am only a PvE - Republic player, which is my preference.
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I personally enjoy PVP but I think we need both, since we already have a guild on a PVP server I don't really see any reason to put the republic guild on anything other than pve or pve/rp.