Server issues


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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. There have been some issues with several servers today. The Harbenger appears the worst, but Bergeren Colony is having trouble too.

It was down earlier, but up when I tried to log in. Despite "Standard" population, I was placed in a cue to login. I'd been on for less than an hour when the server went down again.

Don't be surprised if it's a little flaky when you play.
Thanks for the heads up. There's a group that has been attacking gaming sites and servers. GW2 was hit a week or so ago. Not sure if they're attacking swtor, but if they've gone after others, then it makes sense to go after swtor as well.
I didn't see anything saying it was a DOS attack. They were supposed to push a patch this morning but I didn't notice anything when I fired up the updater. Must have been really small.