Server IP

Unfortunately, we took our last Counter-Strike 1.6 server offline several months ago. We now rent individual servers for Team Fortress 2 and Unreal Tournament 3 (see my forum signature for the IP addresses of the servers), but hope to raise enough money to buy our own server hardware and pay monthly expenses for bandwidth at a data center.

Since CS 1.6 servers require substantially less processing power than servers for newer games, we'd likely host a CS 1.6 server alongside other servers on our dedicated hardware after we purchase the server and have it installed in a data center.

For more information on our fundraising project, including a link to my reasons, as President, to bring more game servers online, click here.
Like I mentioned in another post on the CGA forums, we're not a Christian clan though we do have several Christian members and a lot of quality guys. Since I didn't start this clan myself I am limited to the changes I can make. I think you've got a great mission on your hands as it's hard to find family-friendly servers out there. Maybe we can discuss some sort of alliance? I dont know what the right word is. But I wouldn't mind promoting your servers on our forums of you'd be interested in doing the same. The only problem is of course, our rules aren't as strict as yours so it's not quite the same experience though like I said we do try to "be nice" and promote friendly gaming on our servers...