Selling Z-Keys, Cloths of the Brotherhood, DP Removal


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I'm building up a large surplus of Zaishen Keys from all the PvP that I take part in, which I don't need. I'd be happy to sell these off somewhere in the range of 3-6k each.

There's also 20 Cloths of the Brotherhood that I would like to get rid of, for around 3-5k each.

I also have over a stack (250) of Wintergreen Candy Canes that remove 15% Death Penalty that I don't really have much use for. If nobody else needs them, I'll probably just go on a suicide spree and use them for sweet points.
Do you still have this stuff to sell? I'm interested in the cloths, the keys and a few wintergreens, but I just now saw this post lol.

In game name: Brandon The Humble
Ok I had a chance to look over what hero armors me and my buddy need for our Hall of monuments. I need 7 Ancient armor remnants 6 Stolen sunspear armors and 6 mysterious armors. How much for all of these? 3K each still? Thanks and let me know Jeffery.