Scroll of Res?

don't worry about it, reactivated the account, see you online. Going to play a few days a week to see the new content for a few months.
I was on vacation so sorry about not answering. Most of the new guildees haven't been online much as of late. I think many of them were on trials and/or went to new games like Champions.

I don't know what a scroll of res is.

There are scrolls that will teleport you to the guild tavern. You can get them from the quartermaster in the middle of the tavern. If you don't know how to get to the guild tavern, it's simple. From the main market, head southwest down the corridor to where the stables are. Up stairs from the stables while heading right and around, you will find the entrance to the tavern.

If res means resurrection, slayers and rune priest have some sort of self rez ability but I don't know how it works. Other classes can not rez themselves, or atleast I am unaware of any tricks.

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O I see. Thanks omega.

There is a free 7 day reactivation feature although I'm not sure how it works. Odale/Popoki had used it a few weeks back.

However, there is a way to get a free 30+ days using the trick mentioned in the thread:
Get 30 days free trick

I have been juggling lots of issues and only have about an hour to play games each day. If there's anyone out there who would like the guild leader position and is actively playing, send Zebedee a message.