RR gear list to help you


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Following is a list of Renown Rank Gear and their prereq. The number notation is RANK / RENOWN RANK. Hope this helps those that needs a bit more information on RR gear.

Some FAQs:
- There are two sets for tier 1 and tier 2.
- RR Cloak cannot be purchased until 21/14 (Rank/RR).
- The Rank/RR might be off by 1 for a few pieces on different classes. I only found a few exception.
- Tier 1 gear can be purchased right at the warcamps.
- Tier 2 gear needs to be purchased in keeps that your side has captured.
- There are three types of vendors for tier 1. One selling armor, the other selling weapons/accessories, and the last (quartermaster) selling banners.
- Tier 2 only has two gear vendors. Banners are included with the weapon/cloak/accessory vendor.
- A few warcamps do not have all the tier 1 gears. You might have to travel to different warcamps to obtain all the available pieces. Tier 2 is not affected (eventhough it has a few issues of it's own. i.e. Balistic stat bonus for Witch Elves' armor piece).

TIER 1 (SET 1)----------(SET 2)

BOOTS 2/1-----------------BOOTS 6/4
GLOVES 3/2----------------GLOVES 7/4
ACCESSORY1 3/2----------ACCESSORY1 7/4
BELT 4/2--------------------BELT 8/5
ACCESSORY2 4/2----------ACCESSORY2 8/5
WEAPON 4/2---------------WEAPON 8/5
TUNIC 5/3------------------TUNIC 9/6
ACCESSORY3 5/3----------ACCESSORY3 9/6

TIER 2 (SET 1)----------(SET 2)
BOOTS 11/7----------------BOOTS 16/11
GLOVES 12/8---------------GLOVES 17/11
BELT 12/8-------------------BELT 17/11
SHOULDER 13/9------------SHOULDER 18/12
ACCESSORY1 13/9---------ACCESSORY1 18/12
TUNIC 14/9-----------------HELM 19/13 (note: this is not tunic like set 1)
ACCESSORY2 14/9---------ACCESSORY2 19/13
WEAPON 14/9--------------WEAPON 19/13
ACCESSORY3 15/10-------ACCESSORY3 20/14
HELM 16/11-----------------TUNIC 20/14 (note: this is not helm like set 1)

CLOAK 21/14