Reviewing chapters for activity (Feb. 2018)


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Good day, everyone!

I'll be reviewing the following Tribe of Judah chapters for activity (or lack thereof) over the next week:

StarCraft Series
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Unreal Tournament
Elder Scrolls Online
League of Legends
Left 4 Dead
Natural Selection

Forums for any inactive chapters will be moved to the Tribe of Judah Forums ARCHIVED section and set to read-only.

I hope to complete the review and make changes on Monday, Feb. 26.


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I recently returned to Aion and have my youngest daughter and friends of hers that are playing. We are playing on the Asmodian side of the coin but I also have a lvl 80 Elyos Templar on another account. Would love to get together with folks playing, or contemplate returning, to Aion. Otherwise, I'm unsure of another good MMO to be involved in at the moment. But, I do recall some wonderful times with ToJ or Redeemed (I think the latter) in WOW. If there is a good TOJ/Redeemed group going there, I could swing coming back.