Returning to the server...


It's still there!
Well, the original is, the new one isn't unless the address has changed.
Still running an older version and still quite functional.
Seeing as no one's been on in a while I'm guessing it must have missed activity since when I first logged in there were about 12 zombies (some villagers) attacking me with maybe 8 skeletons, 4 spiders and a few witches chasing after me while I meandered about to reacquaint myself with my surroundings. Couldn't remember a single warp, either.
So the purpose of this thread is mainly to find out the future of the server, find anyone still interested in playing and maybe even respark interest and/or involvement.
Please everyone (anyone) post comments below.
Thank you.
Bumping to see if anyone knows anything about the future of the server or if anyone (other than myself) is even interested in it anymore...
I log in to every once in a while. I'm hoping we can get the server updated but I don't know if that's gonna happen.
Something about someone MIA or unreachable or something.
Anyways my online activities are again limited, but not as rare as hardly online like they were.
Maybe we're the necessary jumpstart to the server? I wonder who else pops in?
Still wondering if the tower which was near my homestead was griefed or destroyed by creepers or it's original builder?
Do you remember what warps were available? Not even sure I remember if there were warps to farming or xp or whatnot?
Kinda loving the now old-school gameplay of ver. 1.11.2. Rather relaxing!
I'm thinking I'm just north of spawn but can't really remember. Been too much disaster traveling about until I get more torches out. I know it's a few (hundred) blocks away, maybe almost over a thousand?
I'm settling into just leveling land nearby and felling trees. At night I'm mining. It's only when (ugh) reality allows and when I'm not on Prism's server.
Wish I could remember some (or half) of the commands available to me!
@BlockHeadLewie I logged on to the server tonight after downloading version 1.11.2. No one else was on at the time, but I was only on for a few minutes.

Does anyone in Tribe of Judah still play on the ToJ MC server?