Resident evil 5?

Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I couldn't find one that might suit it better.

Anyways, I'm a young gamer, but still allowed to play things like Halo and my parents gave me an ok on GoW when I get my 360 (in july).

I was thinking of pitching in saved money for the Xbox 360 RE5 elite, but I still question the game. With Halo and GoW, I always imagine like I'm killing demons, and I love it. Do you think this applies to RE5, or should I not give it a chance.

If you (the replier) could give me a link to a good Christian review, or type your own mini one, that would be so helpful.

Thanks for all answers!
just my 2 cents. from a story stand point. Resident evil 5 doesnt deal with occult, i feel that games with the occult should be an automatic no-no. However resident evil while we can justify that your just killing crazy africans if not zombies, has the capacity to desensitize one to killing people. Add to this the fact that the graphics are good and the infected africans still look like people and not some covenant alien or locust. Also real world weapons are in use here which makes it all the more closer to reality than fiction.

On a side note, the reason why IMO GTA influences kids to violence is because of the fact that its story is close to real world stuff. Carjacking is certainly doable much so capping an infected in the knee caps. So my point is if you think you have a weakness with the devil messing with your imagination when your angry at people, then by all means avoid RE5 and GTA
For the record, Resident Evil 5 deals with biological weaponry, not even zombies. And certainly not demons.

Whether or not GTA influences people to commit violent acts is a completely different debate, but when it comes to RE5, from what I've seen, the main element is bioweapons. Nothing about RE5 makes me want to shoot African people, but makes me want to run from people who are zombified from a virus.
I see what you're saying Jabez, but I have to disagree (on RE5, not GTA IV). Most of the stuff I've seen, though "doable", very unlikely. I don't think it's very likely that biochemical warfare is going to break out and give me the chance to kill people. Plus, the only gun I know how to shoot is an airsoft gun lol. As I said, I understand what your saying, and some of the stuff is doable, but not really something like I can just walk out of my house and start shooting people. That would be, not only impossible, but spiritually hard for me. I just couldn't bring myself to shoot anyone or anything, even though I do play tons of halo and other killing games.

But still, thank you for voicing your opinion, and I'm very happy you chose to answer my question. And thank you too blackgravity, after watching a few gameplay videos, the game seems like a fun game and, unless there's something I don't know, the title of the game seems very misleading. Now it's gonna be harder to wait until my birthday lol
Is renting the game and sitting down to play it with your parents an option?

(There's a co-op mode in RE5, right? I'm a poor gamer who can't afford a Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or HDTV, so I have to rely on others to fill in the gaps for me.)
There is co-op in RE5 yes.

And also keep in mind, Resident Evil is not the original title. In Japan it has always been known as Biohazard, the RE name was thinktanked up due to trademark and copyright issues with Biohazard in the US. Personally, I think RE is a misleading name but whatever. It has to do with the first one being in a mansion or something. I read that online today :D