Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

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Prophet Elhanan

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Hey guys. My cuz Noj Leahcim accidentally clicked the "leave guild" button. Can someone send him another invite for SoE? Thanks.



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hey guys, got you all invited. idk why, but this thread never updates correctly, so I don't notice someone requesting. managed to get you all tonight into SoE except srfulmer, it says you are in another guild.

Welcome to the Guild and Alliance, make sure to stop by the Get to Know your Guildies thread, so we may get to know you! ;)


Hey CarnelHouse! Invite sent. Please introduce yourself in the Introduction Forum when you get a chance. Welcome!


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ToJ name: sbarnesi
Character name: Nimrod the Gallant

The only campaign I don't have is EotN. I look forward to fighting baddies along-side you guys/gals. :)


Hey sbarnesi! I tried to send an invite but it says you're still in a guild. Post back here when you've left the other guild or you can message me in-game: Aleron Balendin.

*edit: Ok, invite sent and accepted! :D
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I'm posting to request an invite to join SoE/SOE.

Tribe of Judah handle: Tek7
Character name: Rhea Sondral


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Back to Tyria, after a few years away...

Hey guys/gals,

I used to be a member of the SoE/SOE guild way way way back, and then kind of fell off and lost interest in the game.

Mucking around with the Torchlight demo left me wanting more strategy and tactics in my fantasy RPG gaming, so fired up GW again and even shelled out for Nightfall and Eye of the North.

I don't know how long this will last, may just be a fad, but I have some Kurzick Faction burning a hole in my pocket and and I never did finish any of the campaigns. I'm looking forward to playing with some humans again. :)

ToJ name: Shagz
GW: Suko Soduk, my original Monk toon


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Hey all! Looking to join SoE/SOE for Guild Wars. My in game toon name is Corinth Agape. Look forward to seeing you in game!



My Assassin in GW: "Myra Talon"

Looking forward to joining!

In Christ,
Hi Andy. Have you had a chance to become a member of yet? That's the first step. See the link in Dredd's post below. Looking forward to seeing you in game!
In order to join SoE/SOE you must become a member of Tribe of Judah (Toj). Once you have been accepted into Toj please post your Toj Name and your Guild Wars Character name in your post requesting a Guild invite. Once you have been accepted and recieved your invite please post an introduction post in the forum introducing yourself to the community. Thank you for your interest in joing Spirit of Elijah / Spirit of Elisha. For more info on joining click the following link
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