Reporting Griefers/Admin Listing

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The Mighty Gerbil

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Here is a listing of our admins. If an admin is not in your friends list they may be found in the Toj steam group.

If an admin is not present when players break the rules, please contact an admin via Steam.

Admins whose names are marked in bold have RCON access to the server and can kick players without joining the game. Please contact those admins first if players violate the rules.

If you are on our TF2 server, no admins are available and grievers are there this is how you may report them.

1. Have console enabled. Console may be enabled under options on your sub screen. Pressing the ~ key accesses console once enabled.

2. Type status in console. This will display a list of the players on the server and their steam IDs. Take a sceenshot of this showing the offenders name and steam ID using the F5 key. This screenshot may be found under a directory path similar C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\my_steam_account_name\team fortress 2\tf\screenshots. Alternately you may take a screenshot using the print screen key and pasting it to a image editing program (Photoshop, Gimp etc.).

3. Use an image hosting service like ImageShack to upload the screenshot. Then e-mail or PM a link to it with a report of what the offense is to one of our admins so we may verify it. Preferably The Mighty Gerbil, Tek, or Annath. Please do not e-mail screenshots to admins.
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