Recruitment: [SOLA] World of Warcraft Alliance on Wyrmrest Accord (RP-PvE)


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SOLA was established by a group of online friends to provide an environment where gamers can enjoy, and develop a community of acceptance and encouragement. Our group was founded with Judeo-Christian teachings and a Biblical worldview in mind. As such we strive to show respect to everyone including our enemies. Our goal is to be known as friendly and helpful members of all gaming communities we are a part of. We will do this by holding ourselves to a high standard of respect and maintaining the honor of our group. We will provide a family friendly environment for gamers and a place to enjoy gaming in a community of friendly individuals.

While SOLA was founded by Christians it is NOT Required for Membership. All we expect of our membership is to be respectful, and to act in an honorable manner.

We have people from every spectrum of gamers, young and old, hardcore and casual, PvEers, and PvPers. We will strive to be active in all areas of WoW and we will work to accomplish everything the game has to offer. The only requirement for membership is to read our code of conduct and to fill out an application with a bit of information about yourself. If you have any questions, comments or want to meet us or join us, come on over to our website.

We have forums, and a voice chat system that we have used for some time.

May He Bless us All as we tell our Story for HIS Glory!

SOLA - WoW Chapter Information Page.
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Our guild is going strong with the launch of Legion in 1 week! We have 30+ people on nightly and are rocking the heroic raids to get people motivated.

We plan to have a progression raid team in Legion, 6-9 pacific time, 2 days a week (TBD)

Come check us out, we have a very active Mumble voice server with people hanging out and making new friends.


Great to be back playing with these folks. Strong core of folks driving the raiding into Legion. We have daily guild activities. Usually when I come back to an active guild, I expect lots of people, voice chat, and some group stuff. These guys have taken the roof off with all of the guild group content available.

If you want to do it, quite literally name it and we will make it happen.

Folks helped me finish up a few old quests and achievements that had been dogging me for months. I have seen weekly, if not daily, old content runs for achievements or transmogs or quests. Mythics are running nightly. Personally, I am looking forward to getting a group together to do some Mythic+ five mans.

Even if you aren't on Wyrmrest, pop on mumble with us and we can cross-realm it up.

Hope to see some of you in Legion!


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Definitely one of the better if not best xpacs to come around, at least questing content wise. Every zone is gorgeous with fun and interesting storylines.

We have 40+ on a night now, really exciting to see.


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Raiding starts tomorrow! Looks like we have well over 30 people interested so 2 teams may be happening. Legion is one fantastic xpac and we are still seeing 40+ members on nightly.


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Sola is currently 7/7 Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare! 3/3 Normal ToV! We are currently recruiting for our progression raid team on Wyrmrest Accord Alliance side! Come join us! If you are serious and dedicated to the raid team we will help level and gear to catch up to us. Also feel free to transfer if you are motivated to do so. We have been successful thus far and hope to do more content in the future. Mythic level raiding is a desire for our team if we have a dedicated 20 we will do that.

Other happenings in SOLA we have giveaways and old content raids being run throughout. We have a little bit of something for everyone!


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A little more information. We raid every Tue/Thur 6-9pm Pacific (server time) You can cross server raid with us if you are not on Wyrmrest. We are looking for heroic level raiders to keep our team's numbers topped off. This is a serious team that has minimum requirements and demands someone willing to learn and improve. That being said, we are more than willing to help interested players get where they need to participate!

We have had HUGE success this expansion with raiding. Nothing can stand against us!

If you are looking to beat all the end game content with an encouraging and accepting group, SOLA is the home for you!