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Here is where you can post what your main crafting will be. I will add your name to the top post. Post your main toon's name (let me know if it changes with launch) and your 3 crafting and gathering skills

Gathering Professions
Crafting Professions
Apothecary- creates Flasks, Potions, Philters, Tonics, and Vials.
Armorsmithing- creates chain and plate armor, as well as shields.
Artificing- creates jewelry and caster weaponry.
Outfitting- creates cloth and leather items.
Runecrafting- creates runes, used to augment weapons and gear.
Weaponsmithing- creates melee weapons and bows.

This should help you see what Crafts need what Gathers:

The List:

Mirakle (Ewoksrule): Apothecary- Butchery- Foraging
Corinth (TagTarsis): Butchery - Foraging - Mining
Vanthalion (Vanthalion): Apothecary - Butchery- Foraging
Simonedes (Simonedes): Outfitter - Butchery - Mining
Unfetered (Unfetered): Outfitter - Runecrafting - Butchery
tomfoolery_79 (tomfoolery_79): Artificier - Foraging - Mining
Belemyrs (Belemyrs): Runecrafting - -
Marthanial[/B(Marthared)]: Weaponsmith - Mining -Foraging
Martheena(Marthared): Apothecary- Mining - Foraging
Taliesyn (Methym): Outfitter300
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I think ive changed my mind and decided to go Apothecary - Foraging - Butchery. While it does seem to have less going for it than most of the other professions, some of the potions i saw will be rather nice(especially the +dodge/parry pots) and i can always collect mats and have someone else craft me some gear.
I'll roll with Outfitter-butchering-mining.

This way we have the 3 major crafting proffessions out of the way.
I did Artificier-Foraging/Mining in Beta. I can be the Artificier if you want...I'm open so I don't care. We need a weaponsmith for sure.
I know by end of Beta I had a ton of Gems that I didnt have a use for so I know I will have those in live too....Think the Artificier uses them?? is that right?

Gathering Maps, mostly defiant but there is some for Guard on here too..

Seems Telarpedia has some of the most complete crafting lists started, I will be using this page as my help to getting Armorsmithing going.... Any other pages anyone has found that are helpful??

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Your specific craft will give you an NPC point of contact in Sanctum. This point of contact will give you daily quests. These quests in turn will give you points/token (actually artisian points I think). These points can be used to buy advanced recipes above and beyond the normal run of the mill recipes. This will prove helpful especially if you are someone who crafts to sell stuff on AH. Now you'll be posting stuff others aren't (MORE GOLD!!)

Hit me up if you have more questions.
I (Cheribum) is at 290 Artificer. Having difficulty getting mats for the last 10... But I can pretty much make everything. I will be buying a blue recipe for us lvl 50 rogues. It costs a whopping 190 artisian marks.
I just have the 3 gathering professions, but my lvl is still low and I don't always bite when I see a node.