<Reborn> Official Guild info


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Guild Name: Reborn

Server: Sunrest

Server type: RP-PvP

Faction: Guardian

Guild Leaders: Ewoksrule/Mirakle - TagTarsis/Corinth

Guild Officers: Ehren - Cheribum - Marthared

Teamspeak3: cgalliance.org : 9987
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Hey, I'm on the trial account, by my char name is Hafley if you're willing to add me to the guild? It prohibits trial accounts from sending Tells.
Hey there, I"m on a trial account can you add me to guild pretty please! Character name is Nebakadnezzer
Ack, wrong server!

Ack, I'm on a diff server than y'all! Mirakle, you read these boards? Miss y'all!