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Hello everyone, watching and reading the FORGIVEN Facebook page it has been brought to my attention that number one my dad has stepped down from GM so congrats to Eric on GM!! Secondly I realize that there is quite a bit of interest in Diablo 3 so, as such I thought I would throw my Real Id out there and steam name etc, so that if you are wanting to game with me you can. I also realize I haven't been part of the Forgiven for probably 3 years now due to my want of progression and pvping hardcore, nonetheless I've always enjoyed being part of it, and seeing all the new members and the old ones that have stuck around! I missed out on the BBQ due to work, but hopefully the next one (if there will be one) I'll be able to attend. Anywho that concludes my Rant! Thanks for reading! ------ Real ID (battle-net)
Scriptkitty ----- Steam Name
Ragefordayz ---- Leauge Of Legends

That is all them, God Bless!
Caleb Pearse